Everyone has a cell phone, a portable gaming console, tablet, wearable, action camera, or gadget that needs charging. Some of us have of those. Other have all of the above. How do we keep things charged up at the same time and when on the go? Consider the Ampere Full Circle.

What is the Ampere Full Circle?

Designed as an all-in-one solution for charging devices, the Ampere packs a 13,400mAh battery, a large wireless charging pad, and Type-C output. And that’s not all of it, either.

There’s an LED battery level indicator so you know how much gas is left in the tank, and a USB Type-A port, too.

Offered in five colors, its the sort of product you’d keep in a bag for charging up phones, tablets, wearables, and other portable gadgets.

What are the benefits of the Ampere Full Circle?

Running out of power is no fun, regardless of whether you’re using a phone or playing on the Nintendo Switch. Same goes for tablets, wearables, and other gadgets.

This is a well-designed unit that offers charging to multiple items at one time. And it’s not just basic stuff, but it’s fast and efficient, too.

The ergonomic design is different than you’ll find in most portable chargers and provides for an at-a-glance view of your phone while on the wireless charger. Want to keep an eye on your notifications or watch YouTube while working? Go ahead, do you.

Who is the Ampere Full Circle For?

This is one of those devices that serves many masters. Everyone has a phone that needs charged. Plenty of us have additional devices that need juiced up on a regular basis. Here you can plug in a few things at once, and still charge your phone up wirelessly.

We can see this one being great for students, telecommuters, and others who lead busy lives.


  • 13,400mAh Battery Capacity
  • 15W Wireless Input
  • 18W Type-C PD Output
  • USB-A Output
  • LED Battery Level Indicator
  • XL Wireless Charging Area

General Impressions

When it comes to products like these, we appreciate them most when we don’t think about them. That is to say, we don’t wanna fuss with proprietary things, quibble with weird design choices, or second-guess the tech.

We had already become fond of the Ampere brand with some its previous products; the Full Circle is equally excellent.

The build quality is superb, the color scheme somewhat unique and different, and the feature set is rather long. It’s not easy to get excited about chargers, but we found ourselves interested in it and more than happy to show it off.

Even though most flagship phones have large, generous batteries, we appreciate having a portable solution that offers 3-4 charges. Depending on your handset, you could ultimately see up to six charges out of the Full Circle.

Should I buy the Ampere Full Circle?

We’re definitely happy to endorse not only the Ampere Full Circle, but the brand itself. After seemingly coming out of nowhere, it has been offering up a steady stream of interesting and well-built products.

Where can I buy the Ampere Full Circle?

You can purchase the Ampere Full Circle at Ampere’s website for $99.95 where it’s offered in five colors. Largely clad in a very deep blue, the accent colors include red, coral, yellow, navy, and black.

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