This year has thrown a lot of changes at us, most of which stem from the coronavirus pandemic. One of these changes is the shift to many of us working from home. As someone who has been working home for years already, I can vouch for the fact that a comfortable chair is one of the must-haves for your home office.

A gaming chair may not be first on your list for a new office chair, but really, who knows more about comfort than gamers who regularly spend hours and hours sitting at their PC? Fortunately, AndaSeat, which previously manufactured race car seats for BMW and Mercedes Benz has a brand new Fnatic edition of its popular gaming chairs.


The AndaSeat Fnatic Edition comes in several pieces with some assembly required. Fear not, because even with a little know-how, it shouldn’t take longer than 30-60 minutes to get the chair fully assembled. You won’t even need any tools, as the entire chair can be put together with the included Allen wrench and bolts.

In fact, putting the chair together is so simple, it could easily be sped up with a second pair of hands. Be warned, even though the instruction booklet has clear directions including photos, it is also filled with spelling errors. The most common being “crew” in place of the word screw.

On a side note, I thought it would be important to bring up a couple of minor blemishes I found while putting the chair together. The first is a small piece of material hanging out from one of the stitches, while the other was a marking on the back of the chair. Neither prevents the chair from functioning in any way, but when you’re charging this much for a product, I thought quality control would be a little higher, and wanted to point it out.



The first time I sat in the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition I expected a soft plush cushion, much like a memory foam mattress. However, the AndaSeat chair uses a much firmer foam for the seat of the chair, while reserving the form-fitting memory foam for the neck and lumbar pillows.

That’s probably a good call, considering the seat of the chair is where it will take the most abuse and needs to stand up to years of long working or gaming sessions. After spending many hours testing out, I can say with confidence that the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition is one very comfortable chair.

It was a massive improvement over my previous office chair, but let’s face it, that was not a difficult task to achieve. That cheap office chair hasn’t been comfortable since the first year that I bought it. My hope is that the cushioning on the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition can stand up to the test of time. And considering it retails for nearly four times what I paid for my last office chair, it better.

Besides the cushioning, the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition comes with plenty of other features to help make it as comfortable as possible. My favorite of these is the reclining feature. I’m that person that starts adjusting the seat to learn back as soon as I get in the car. I just don’t feel comfortable sitting straight up and prefer to lean back at a slight angle.

Next is the 4D armrests; where have these been my whole life? I never thought adjustable armrests would make such a difference, but it truly does help to be able to control exactly where you’ll rest your arms.

The armrests on the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition allow you to adjust the height, as well as how close they are to your body, and the angle. I’m not exaggerating when I say I spent a good five minutes just pressing the buttons and working the armrests, partially to find the right position, but mostly because it was just so much fun.

Finally, as someone who spends most of their evenings in a leather rocking recliner, I really appreciated the AndaSeat’s rocking feature. I can often be found rocking away in my chair while sitting there. Whether out of habit or just my need to fidget, it was nice to have something similar here.

Final Thoughts

The AndaSeat Fnatic Edition is easy to recommend, except for one thing, the price. For most people, spending nearly $450 on a computer chair will be a hard sell. However, you have to consider that with more of us working from home, you’re going to be spending up to eight hours in this chair, or more, especially if you like to game after work. That means I’m going to be sitting in this seat for longer than I sit in my recliner that I spent slightly more money on.

If you think about it that way, $450 isn’t that bad of an investment to avoid hours of discomfort for your back and bottom.

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