AndaSeat Jungle gaming chair review

How much time do you spend sitting at a PC? How much time do you spend sitting in front of a TV, playing games? Based on data surfacing in wake of the global pandemic, we’re finding out that a lot of us spend a lot of time on our butt — more than ever.

Thanks to COVID-19, far more of us are working from home or spending newly found free time playing video games. If you’re among the millions of people affected by either of these situations, you learned pretty early on that a comfortable chair can make all the difference in the world.

AndaSeat, a company who specializes in gaming chairs, has been pretty busy as of late, introducing new models and designs. One such series is the Jungle, a $250 gaming chair that comes in black and red or all black color options.

Our team was fortunate enough to receive a sample of the Jungle gaming chair and a few of us have been splitting time with it in the office. Suffice it to say, we’re really enjoying the experience and we’ve found ourselves looking differently at the concept of chairs altogether.

When it comes to esports, we’d prefer to casually watch as opposed to play. The same goes for console gaming as we don’t always have a handful of free hours to spend. Are we disqualified from even considering a gaming chair? Not at all.

We sit at our desks for about 7-8 hours per day, sometimes more. In fact, we’ve been doing it for years. Hell, we bet a lot of readers do the same.

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One truism we’ve come to appreciate over the years is, “Do not go cheap on things that separate you from the ground such as tires, mattresses, and/or shoes.” After spending a few weeks in a solidly-built chair with proper ergonomic support, we’re more than happy to add chairs like this to that truism.

Not only does the Andaseat Jungle feel great, it looks pretty cool, too. It’s almost like ripping a seat out of a race car and putting casters on the bottom. Our review unit is all black as we figured it would look more professional and in line with an office’s aesthetic. Now that we’ve had some time with the chair, we sort of wish it had the flashy red accent colors.

Assembling the chair takes all of about 10-15 minutes and isn’t much different from any other office chair. You won’t need any special tools; everything is included in the box. You may want to have an extra person on hand in the early stages as lining pieces up and screwing them together is easier with assistance.

Once put together, we were anxious to sit in the chair. There’s quite a bit of padding on the seat, the back, and the pillows for lumbar and upper back support.

One thing we’ve noticed from working at a desk over the years is that we have pretty bad posture. Even when sitting in a decent office chair, we tend to slouch or lean forward. The Andaseat Jungle chair does a fantastic job of basically forcing us into position, even when it feels off.

There are five positions to lock the chair into place, some of which we’d never use in an office environment. Though, to be fair, the 160-degree angle did make us want to take the chair home and use it for binge-watching shows or movies.

Other standard chair features are present here, including a 360-degree rotation around the base, adjustable heights for seat and arm rests, and the ability to lock reclining and rocking.

We adjusted the “headrest and waistrest system” a time or two early on until we found the right angle. Our suggestion is to go with the way it looks in the official photos and leave it alone. Move the lumbar up too much and you’ll be sitting rather awkwardly. If you’re not a fan of it at all, you can simply remove it. The same goes for the cushion right behind the shoulders.


Buying a nice chair isn’t going to come cheaply. Do you want to buy something that feels okay today, but knowing full well that you’ll be replacing it a year or two from now? Or would you rather invest in something that’s built to last?

The pandemic has made us rethink how we work and where we work. It’s also made us better understand the equipment and tools we use. As 2021 gets into swing we are just fine with investing some money into the right things, like proper lighting and a nice chair.

After having spent a few weeks sitting on the AndaSeat Jungle at the office, we are reevaluating what sort of setup we want for the home. Do we want or need a gaming chair? Up until now, we were okay without. But, a couple of hours on the couch or in a regular old chair feels different now that we know what we’d been missing.┬áNow, if we could somehow do less work and spend more time playing, that would be great.

AndaSeat backs its chairs with a lifetime warranty on the steel framework and two years for the other parts. That, coupled with the fact that this chair doesn’t really cost much more than something quality from OfficeMax, makes us feel comfortable recommending the Jungle Series.

We definitely suggest checking out some of the other models available from AndaSeat. If you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll love the new designs based on characters like Ant-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America. If you’re looking for something with more options, like memory foam and 4D adjustable arm rests.

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