I received an interesting speaker from a company called ARCHEER to review. It’s ARCHEER’s 25 watt Bamboo stereo 2.1 wireless speaker that got its design cue from House of Marley’s Get Together Bluetooth speaker. I reviewed the House of Marley Get Together recently and found it to be one of my favorite Bluetooth speakers under $200.

The ARCHEER speaker is similar where it is made from similar materials and has quite a bit of sound output with it’s subwoofer and dual tweeters.

Let’s get into the review.


It’s very clear that ARCHEER saw a popular design with House of Marley’s Get Together speaker when it put together its 25W Bamboo Stereo 2.1 wireless speaker. It’s made primarily of bamboo with canvas wrapped around the center portion of the speaker. The bamboo gives the speaker a real solid feel while the canvas gives the ARCHEER speaker a high-quality modern look.


The speaker has dual drivers that deliver the mids and highs which surround the center woofer that provides the bass. The bass is further enhanced with a port on the back allowing for more airflow.


Controls and connections are pretty standard, similar to what you would find on other wireless speakers. On the top of the speaker is where you will find separate buttons for power, play/pause, volume up/fast forward, and volume down/rewind. At the rear you will find a 3.5mm auxiliary port for a direct connection, a reset button, charge indicator light and a microUSB input slot for charging.


It also has a large internal battery rated at 5200mAh which is designed to last up to 11 hours at 50% maximum volume.

ARCHEER did a good job at recreating the House of Marley speaker in a smaller package.


If you are a bass aficionado, the ARCHEER Bluetooth speaker was made just for you. The lows on this speaker are very powerful which goes great with certain genres of music where bass is emphasized. The center woofer paired with the rear bass port make this speaker one of the loudest speakers I’ve heard priced under $100.

The two drivers manage to deliver crisp highs with mids to match. I’m not joking when I say the lows are the main focus of this speaker. At times, if you are are not directly in front of the speaker, the lows can drown out the mids rather easily. When you are in front of the speaker though, it does sound clear and detailed, there’s just an emphasis on the low end.

The power rating for the ARCHEER wireless speaker is 25W which is enough to get very loud. The size and power make it perfect for entertaining crowds in large rooms where it won’t be overpowered by people talking and laughing.

What is nice about the sound quality, is no matter what volume you have it set to, the sound scales well. At low volumes the bass maintains the same ratio as it does when it’s at the highest setting. Many speakers that focus on bass don’t sound good at lower volumes because all you hear is the bass, but this one sounds great across the entire power spectrum.

When it comes to the bass port, it sure does serve its purpose. The air it displaces is very noticeable when you put your hand behind it.

The bass port displaces enough air to move tissue paper with ease.
The bass port displaces enough air to move tissue paper with ease.

If you find yourself wanting to reduce the bass for other genres of music, you can set the speaker on its back and the sound becomes much more balanced. Quite honestly, when the speaker is on its back is when I actually love the sound output the most.



The ARCHEER Bluetooth speaker easily meets the 11 hour playback rating with its 5200mAH battery. When played at higher volumes for long periods of time, it drains the battery at a much faster pace. Using it outdoors, I turned mine up to about 80% of maximum volume and frequently pulled down six hours of playback.

If you’re listening to it indoors there almost no need to turn it up beyond 50% due to the incredible power behind each driver.


ARCHEER did an excellent job of mimicking House of Marley’s Get Together wireless speaker with its 25W Bluetooth 2.1 speaker. It managed to build a high quality speaker, with an emphasis on the low frequency sound range while maintaining clarity and crispiness.

I’m glad ARCHEER didn’t throw in the typical microphone for taking calls, because there is almost no way calls would sound good with this much power output. It’s one of the most powerful speakers I’ve listened to sub $100, and think it’s a great option for using around the house or outdoors. If you like bass, this speaker has loads of it when you want it. And when you don’t, simply place it on its back for a balanced sound output.

I think this speaker would make for a perfect gift for college students who live in dorms or apartments.

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