I recently got the opportunity to review AudioFly’s complete performance in-ear headphone collection. There are four headphones in this collection that each fit into a consumer’s budget. There is the under $50 pair, the under $75 pair, the around $100 pair, and the around $200 pair. Today, I’m taking a look at the AF33 earphones that fall at the low end of the price range.[spacer color=”264C84″ icon=”fa-android”]

Unboxing and AccessoriesDSC00275

The AF33’s come in a box you would expect for $40 headphones. It is cardboard box with a plastic insert that holds all of the contents in place. There is nothing out of the ordinary in this package. You get your earphones, several pairs of different sized tips, warranty information, and a pouch to store everything in.

Design and Build Quality

For earphones at this price, the AF33’s are surprisingly well built. Of course, everything is plastic, but they feel sturdy and there are no gaps in the construction. Best of all, the cable does not feel like it is going to rip in half if you snag it on something. DSC00260Speaking of the cable, you will notice that there is a button right where the cable splits. You can use this button to control your music, and with the in-line microphone on the right side, you can make and answer calls.

The overall design of the AF33’s is subdued and minimal. They do not really stand out from the rest of the earphones out there, but that is not a bad thing. They are well made and the design makes they extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Even though these are the least expensive earphones of the group, they are the second most comfortable. Their minimal design helps them fix nice and snug in your ears, and they are lightweight which makes them seem to almost disappear after wearing them for a while.

Sound Quality

DSC00261It does not matter how good the earphones look if they don’t sound good, and thankfully the AF33’s produce great sound. They are definitely some of the best sounding earphones in this price range.

I am not a huge fan of pounding bass, and many lower priced earphones tend to pump up the bass to appeal to the younger customers buying them. Thankfully, these earphones do not over stress the bass. It is present and the sound is tight and well defined.

Mids and highs are also quite nice. At moderate volumes, they both hold up well. Mids are clear and smooth which makes for a great listening experience. Highs are crisp and deliver decent separation and detail.

If you also plan on using these earphones to make calls, you will not be disappointed. Calls sounds great on both ends, and the buttons located at the split is convenient for making calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. The microphone is located about halfway up the right cable which puts it at a great position to pick up what you’re saying without scratching across your clothes as you walk.

All this being said, these earphones start to suffer when brought to higher volumes. The highs become tinny and shrill a some points, and mids become less defined. If you are planning on playing your music at the highest volumes you can imagine, you should check out the headphones higher up in the price range.

[spacer color=”264C84″ icon=”fa-android”]For their $40 price point, the AudioFly AF33’s deliver a great listening experience. Sound quality is not going to blow you away, but they can hold their own in this price category. If you are looking to spend under $50 on a pair of earphones and aren’t planning on cranking your music up to 11, I would definitely recommend taking a look at the AF33’s because they are great performers. You can pick up a pair on AudioFly’s website or on Amazon!


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