So you’re all settled into your dorm and find yourself getting into a few routines. Things sure are different now that you’re not at home or school like you were last fall, huh?

Now you find yourself running all over the place, getting into new situations. But, we’re also willing to bet you’re finding that your phone isn’t lasting quite as long as it did last year. Why? You’re probably away from outlets and power sources more often. Not to fear, there are plenty of great companies offering excellent accessories to help keep you juiced up. One such brand we’ve come to love is Belkin.

We’ve recently spent some time checking out a number of products from the current Belkin lineup. Among them are USB Type-C cables, a car adapter, and a power bank. We found that each one of them was designed with care and attention to detail. It’s not hard to screw up a cable or go cheap with quality, but it seems Belkin spent plenty of time on materials. Suffice it to say, we don’t see these fraying or falling apart any time soon.

MIXIT↑ Metallic USB-C to USB-C Charge Cable (Also Known as USB Type C)

USB Type-C is one really cool technology standard. Not only does it allow for super fast transfer speeds, but it can be used across multiple devices for charging, too. And, as if that were not enough, it’s full reversible so you can plug in any way you want.


Belkin’s cable is six feet long so it’s more than enough to get out from behind the outlet tucked under your desk. Moreover, it’s designed with a welded shield to strengthen it; the metallic cable won’t tangle either.

MIXIT↑ 2.0 USB-A to USB-C Charge Cable (Also Known as USB Type-C)

With so many new smartphones moving to USB Type-C as a charging standard, it’s time to start replacing your old microUSB cables. Sorry, they’re just not going to work any more with the hot flagships.


Belkin’s USB-A to USB-C cable, which comes in all sorts of great colors, is the exact cable you want for replacing your old stuff. Don’t throw away the old adapter itself, though, as it’s gonna work with these. Moreover, keep one of these in your backpack so you can plug into a laptop for data transfer.

MIXIT↑ Metallic Power Pack 6600

Whether you walk across campus or drive from course to course, you’re going to find yourself away from a wall charger. Don’t let that time spent in class keep you from charging your phone or tablet. Heck, it has two ports so why not use it to make a new friend this fall?


The Power Pack 6600 offers up enough juice to top off your phone a solid two or three times over. If you’re the kind who only needs to keep things up in the higher percentages, you can use this guy all week long. Plug in every couple of hours and you’re good to go.

Thanks to the four-light LED indicator you’ll always know, within range, how much power is left in the charger. Pick this one up in Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Gray options.

USB-C Car Charger + USB-C Cable

Do you have a newer smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or OnePlus 3? What are you doing for a car charger? Did you know there are car chargers with USB-C connections? Yep, and the Belkin model comes with a 4-foot cable to make sure your backseat drivers can charge up their handset.


This 27Watt/3 Amp charger connects to any USB-C device, including smartphones, tablets, and even notebooks. With up to 27 Watts of charging, the unit automatically detects the connected device so it can juice up at the proper speeds; you’re looking at potentially 70% faster charging for smartphones.

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