A few weeks ago, the editor-in-chief of AndroidGuys elected me to test and review a brand new Q1 headset.  First, because I am his favorite writer (yeah right) and secondly because I have the Motorola Droid that has version 2.0 and above, I suspect that’s the real reason.


In any event, while I was excited about reviewing the unit, I have to confess that I do not use BT headsets very often – only when driving.  But this one is a beaut.  From the moment I received the package I could tell that BlueAnt put some nice design elements into it.  To me, it looks a lot like a Jawbone minus the external rough texture.  Out of the box it had enough charge to last half the day since I determined to put it through its paces.  And it is by far, the easiest BT device I have ever had the pleasure to pair. One thing I noticed is the lack of volume, which to me is never a good thing.  I feel like I can always turn something down if it is too loud but too soft is bad and it has almost no bass, so callers sound very tinny and thin.  And since it’s not in stereo the “not loud enough” problem is compounded by hearing ambient noises in your free ear which drowns out the Q1 even more.

However, the speech recognition is near pitch perfect as it recognized most of my commands in a convertible barreling down the interstate and all of them indoors or in my wife’s car.  So anything from to quiet to normal, you should be in good shape in using this headset.

The best feature is that a corresponding Android application can be downloaded out of the Market but other than the Android compatibility the application is nice but lacking in features.  It reads aloud new text messages that come in but that’s about it.  No Gmail, e-mail, contacts, or anything else will be read.  The main use for the app is to control the Settings and for Voice Control.  I could see this app being fairly intuitive and powerful in the near future but right now it’s pretty bare bones but still impressive for Android.

The Good:

  • Great looking headset and well designed
  • Nice modular charger with rigid USB cable
  • Speech recognition is top drawer and of course it has a complimentary Android app

The Bad:

  • Very low volume even at the highest level
  • Android app is not feature rich….yet.
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