It goes without question that almost all of us still experience dropped calls. I use the nation’s second largest network with AT&T, but in San Diego reception can still be spotty. The network quality has improved vastly over the years, but when I’m on a call in my truck and go through one of San Diego’s many hills, reception can be spotty. Or when I’m out exploring the county looking for a new hike with my dog, at the outskirts, reception can also be spotty in those areas as well.

I make frequent trips from southern California to northern California at least six times a year. I know exactly where my cell signal will drop out on that drive because I have been making those trips for 18 years now.

While spotty reception in areas like that is acceptable for many, there are those of us who need a solid connection all of the time. I have quite a few friends who work in sales and construction where their automobiles are their mobile offices. With the amount of technology at our fingertips, it is essential for those to have access to the internet or solid voice reception to communicate to those who matter most. Whether it’s your family or your customers, dropped calls are a pain in the rear.

There are also thousands of people who go on road trips to explore the continental US where cell reception can be spotty at best, depending on where you are. People who use RVs and campers know first hand just how bad cell signals can be.

Luckily there are options available for boosting your connections for your home or even your automobile. I’ve been using the weboost Drive 4G-M vehicle cell signal booster and haven’t dropped a call or experienced laggy data since.

Design and Setup


The weboost Drive 4G-M is comprised of an amplifier that connects to an outdoor antenna for receiving cell signal, where it then amplifies the signal and sends it out through another antenna in your automobile. It’s powered by a DC power adapter that fits into your car’s cigarette lighter. I’m not an engineer so I can’t explain the process of how it does this process. All that really matters to me is if my cell signal is improved.

A device of this sort looks more intimidating than it actually is. The instructions list six simple steps for installing the booster.

  1. Install the included magnetic antenna on your roof and slide the cord under the door sealdsc04815
  2. Place the interior antenna next to a place where you normally use your cellphone. In my truck, there is a pocket on the side of the passenger seat which provided the perfect installation spot. You can use the included VELCRO to mount it in another desired location.dsc04813
  3. weboost recommends installing the 4G-M box in a spot with decent ventilation such as under a seat or under the dash. In my case, I simply installed it under the driver side chair.
  4. Once installed, simply screw the indoor and outdoor antennas into their respective slots.dsc04809
  5. Then connect the included DC power cable into the 4G-M.
  6. Plug the power adapter into the vehicle’s DC power supply and flip the switch to on.dsc04806

Total installation time took no more than five minutes.

Does it work?

Absolutely. I am an AT&T customer in north San Diego county. Reception is spotty at times, because I am 25 miles away from the city center and am surrounded by several canyons where signal goes to die. I’ve never gotten good reception at my home, with all of my phones holding at 1-2 bars of reception. However bars aren’t an exact science as manufacturers use different scales to indicate strength. I definitely have spotty reception in my home and need to sit by windows to get the best call quality.


Luckily you can test the exact strength of your reception simply by dialing *3001#12345#* and it will put your phone into test mode. It doesn’t harm your phone to perform this test, so don’t worry about voiding your warranty or anything like that.

My base reading was -114db with one bar of service on an iPhone 7 Plus. I know this is an Android site, but I am in the process of evaluating the 7 Plus’s camera before my Pixel XL arrives. This booster works for all devices, iOS and Android as well as all networks.


Once I flipped the switch, I picked up an additional 25db of power within one minute of powering on the 4G-M.


My signal strength bar rating went up to 4/5 instead of 1/5 that I had as a baseline.

My call quality improved even as I pulled back into my garage which is normally a dead spot for me.

I’ve been using this amplifier for several weeks now, and I don’t have picture evidence to back up signal strength since I can’t use my phone in my hands while on the road. In areas where I typically get two bars, I now get full bars across the board, even on my Sprint MVNO review Samsung Galaxy S6 from TextNow. Where I typically get solid signal, the 4G-M doesn’t over amplify my signal as it regulates itself back down. I drove around town taking several 30 minute long calls just to test out the reliability of this 4G-M and it works as advertised. I then performed the same routes without the booster on and as expected, calls dropped in areas where I knew the signal to be poor from prior experience.

The Drive 4G-M will not make something out of nothing. That’s something that no one on earth has the power to do. But as long as there is a signal, the weboost Drive 4G-M can amplify the weak signal and turn it into a much more stable and reliable signal. With a more reliable signal, your battery life on your devices will also last longer as they don’t have to turn up the gain to constantly search for service.



The weboost Drive 4G-M retails for $379.99 at and Considering how much we pay for cell service at today’s pricing, we should all expect stable cellular signals no matter where we go. However stable cell service simply does not exist for most of us.

If you’re someone who relies on a strong and reliable signal while in your car, the weboost Drive 4G-M can make a world of difference in boosting your signal strength with gains up to 50db or 32X what you’re currently getting. It’s a brand that first responders trust, and is now a brand that goes with me wherever I go to provide solid and reliable service.

Head on over to Amazon or to learn more.

Service map of northern San Diego.
Service map of northern San Diego.


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