LuguLake is a name brand that you probably haven’t heard of. I certainly had not until I got the chance to review the LuguLake Swan and Blade Bluetooth wireless speakers. I definitely had no expectations going into both reviews, but I learned that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get high quality sound.

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LuguLake Blade Design

I love brilliance in simplicity. The LuguLake Blade is a portable speaker that is about the size of a five inch smartphone, just twice as thick and similar in weight. It is a rectangular device, covered in a soft rubbery plastic with dual front facing speakers with a red mesh grill. The Blade is unassuming and looks fantastic.


On the side is a power switch, three LED light indicator for power, and a covered port for a micro-SD card, 3.5mm input and charging slot. On the top side of the speaker is where you’ll find the controls: play/pause, Bluetooth connect, rewind, fast forward, volume up/down and answer/hang up for a call.



Included in the box is a 3.5mm male to male cable and a micro-USB charging cable.

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LuguLake Blade Usage

For a device this small I definitely not expecting much when it came to sound. But I was pleasantly surprised to hear how much sound and loudness could come from such a small package. The old adage of “don’t judge a book by its cover” definitely came into play here as the Blade pumped out sound as loud as speakers three times its size.

The only downside when it came to sound, keep in mind this isn’t a speaker for an audiophile, was that it lacked depth in the bass category. To produce decent bass a speaker needs size and room to move air, which being so small, is something that is technically very difficult to do for a speaker of this size. So if you’re a huge fan of bass, don’t expect the Blade to knock your shoes off. In terms of mids and highs, the Blade delivered very clear sound reproduction.

Because of its smaller size and portability, I found myself taking it with me to the dog park and playing music for a few of my friends who I meet on a regular basis. They were just as surprised to hear how loud the Blade got, and had asked me where they could buy one once I told them the price was less than $50.


One of my favorite features is the ability to connect to the speaker via a tap using NFC. My Nexus 6P connected within a matter of seconds once I tapped my phone to the backside of the speaker.

I also brought this speaker with me on a recent overnight business trip, because I listen to music every night before bed. And I hate listening to music on my smartphone speakers because it never sounds good. It’s really nice to be able to pack a speaker so light and small that it doesn’t take up much space in my carry-on bag. In fact I thought I forgot it at home because it was hidden at the bottom of the front pocket of my carry-on bag.

On the overnight trip, I took two work calls from the speaker and if you sit within arm’s length, it performs very well. Once I strayed from that distance the person on the other end of the call had a hard time hearing me. This isn’t uncommon with most Bluetooth speakers.

At 75% volume I was frequently achieving four to five hours of use before I had to recharge it.

The LuguLake Blade is definitely one of the more practical wireless speakers you can get today with its affordable price, portability and sound quality.

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Product Description

Bluetooth 4.0
Low energy consumption, stable signal, high transmission speed.

Pocket Size

The Mini Boombox
These pocket sized speakers are perfect companions to stream music on the go. These ultra thin speakers are known for their 1.5 inch full range neodymium driver.

Perfect for Bluetooth Device
A great way to listen to your mobile phone, MP3, iPhone, iPod etc. A perfect product to amplify the sound of your smart phones and enhance your multimedia experience.

Small but Loud
The wireless Bluetooth stereo with 5W output power has Cambridge Silicon Radio chip-set with 5 hrs battery backup.

Easy connectivity
These portable speakers enhances your music experience while traveling since they connect easily with any multimedia device with the help of 3.5 mm Aux input and can also easily access the micro SD card.

NFC, Play Your Tunes Wirelessly
Touch your NFC-enabled phone or tablet to the LuguLake Slim speaker to instantly establish a Bluetooth wireless connection, play the music from now on.

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For less than $50, the LuguLake Blade wireless speaker is a pleasant surprise with excellent sound quality and loudness in a package you can fit in a pant pocket. The brilliance of the Blade is measured in its simplicity and beautiful design. It is the perfect companion for traveling, outdoor activities or even for home use.

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