Everywhere you look around the internet there is no shortage of headphone reviews. All types from over-the-ear to in-ear, you can find both Bluetooth and traditional styles. One category that seems to get lost in the shuffle is kids headphones. They listen to music, play games and watch videos just like grown ups and we know that adult ears and the ears of a child are vastly different.


A child’s ear is still in development, thus the need for a kid-friendly headphones. That’s why onanoff have created a fun and kid friendly headphone called BuddyPhones for a low price of $25.


Design and Build

BuddyPhones come in four bright colors that’s sure to please any child. The designers have recognized that each child has different personalities and different tastes in design. So instead of cornering a child into having to choose one design option, they’ve included five pre-designed and blank stickers that fit BuddyPhones perfectly.

It’s no secret that kids can be a tad on the rough side when it comes to handling their toys. Keeping that in mind BuddyPhones are built tough and durable. They can withstand twisting and bending liberally and they bounce back.


Included in the package is a separate four-foot long flat cable that includes an in-line microphone and flat design. The flat design is great for preventing tangling. Since the cable isn’t attached to the headphones there is less of a chance of getting choked by the cable. At one end it includes a built-in audio splitter so your child can share their listening experience with a friend.


The World Health Organization, as well as many government agencies, recommends 85 decibels as the maximum listening levels for children. Long-term exposure that exceeds these levels can be detrimental to their hearing. Onanoff has taken this to heart and complied with this recommendation.

While they have lowered the decimal levels, that doesn’t mean the lowered their quality. It has a very gentle sound. It makes the child’s listening experience pleasant. Even with another set of  headphones plugged in, it doesn’t take away from the sound.



BuddyPhones are a great product for any kid. The combination of bright colors, customization, sound and a low price, it’s hard not to purchase these for your kid, niece, nephew, or grandchild. Especially when you think about their long term hearing.

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