In a world of ever changing phones and tablets one necessity that will always be needed is a way to protect those devices. Devices using Android are constantly evolving getting bigger and more refined. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the more popular devices on the market. With this large and stylish phone it seems ashamed to have to protect it with a bulky phone case, adding to the size and changing the overall look of the phone. One company that strives to keep your device protected without adding extra to your phone is Bumpies. Bumpies intention is to free your phone and that is exactly what it does. Bumpies were originally designed for the IPhone and have now been created for the Galaxy S5.

The whole concept for Bumpies is to allow you protection without adding to the phone. Phones are not designed for cases, the cases are designed for the phone. Some of the more attractive aspects of the S5 is the screen size, the soft textured back, and being water proof. The screen size makes the phone large and to have to add to the size just makes it even more difficult to handle. The back of the phones texture is completely lost with a full case. The water proof becomes inconvenient to open the charging port with a case. Bumpies alleviate all these issues by being as minimal as possible.

Bumpies are four thin pieces that are held on with an adhesive to each corner of your phone. This minimal design is not just a gimmick there is thought put into them. With a hard outer shell and soft inner the Bumpies provide the same protection most large cases have. The corners are noticeable to the eye but are virtually non-existent in use. Bumpies provide the protection your phone needs in one of the most vulnerable places. This design allows the phone to look and feel the way it was intended no ports covered, no added size, and no covered speakers for better sound. The corners also provide a small amount of space between the phone and the surface you place it on. The small gap from phone to surface which means no muffled speaker or tiny scratches from dirt and debris.

Although Bumpies have been very well thought out and have years of research to achieve protection without added size they are not without their caveats. They are not for everyone and that is ok. The most obvious is that they are made for the casual user and not people with more demanding high impact jobs or sports. This flaw, if it should be called that, really does not take away from the idea in the first place. The only real complaint is the fact that once they are used there is no going back. This is an issue with Android phones in general because of two things, removable battery covers and sd cards. To get to the battery or card requires the Bumpies to be removed to take the back off.

Bumpies come in a range of colors and are $24.00 dollars plus tax and shipping. The packaging they come in was also well thought out doubling as an alignment tool for installation.  They are located in the San Diego, California and were designed by three friends. The whole purpose was to make a case that did not add bulk and allow the user to enjoy their phone the way it was intended to be. Installation is a breeze mainly because of the alignment tool and instructions. If you are anything like me and enjoy your phone the way it is in its pure form Bumpies are the most minimal approach to protection there is out in the market.


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  1. Some people have asked if our Bumpies Protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S5 prevent you from removing the back cover. While the protectors do wrap around to lift and protect the phone’s camera, you can still remove the back. Here’s a video demonstration –

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