I don’t know about you, but I never take my phone anywhere without some sort of case. I once had no case for 3 days after purchasing my Galaxy S7 and in those 3 days, you guessed it, I broke the screen. Cases not only allow us to protect the financial investment we put into our phones but they also allow us to personalize the items that we keep on us all day, every day. Caseable provided us four cases, two hardback and two pouch, that we are using for this review.


Casable FitI figure we should start with the main purpose of the cases, protection. Both of the shell cases we were provided with leave the top and bottom of the device exposed, undesirable if you are rough on your devices like I am. There are also cutouts for side buttons that leave ample space for proper functionality. There is also a piece of felt’ish material on the inside of the case, which, I can only assume is to prevent slipping of the device while in the case. The only real issue I have with the shell cases is the that the case does not have a very tight fit. One of the cases we received is designed for my Galaxy S7 and, as you can see in the picture, there is some overhang when installed on the device.

Casables_PouchCasable also sent us two of their pouch style cases to check out. These cases feel like they are made of quality material. There is nice stitch work and some quality elastic on the sides. the real selling feature for these cases is that they have a pull tab that allows you to easily remove your phone from the case. This feature works great, provided your device does not have any rubberized material on it. My biggest complaint with the pouches is who uses pouch cases any more. Seriously though, I think Casable is going to have a difficult time marketing this case. I couldn’t name one guy who wants to pull the case our of their pocket then out of the case or a girl who wants to do the same in their purse. At least add a clip for belt/pocket/purse attachment. That being said, your screen is protected from scratches and scuffs.


This is where Casable makes their case (yup, i really did that) for their product line. Every one of their products has the potential to be whatever you want it to be, from some artwork they have of up and coming designers to a collage of images you upload yourself. After taking a look through their design tool i would say the possibilities are endless depending on how you choose to design and manipulate your images. With cases starting as low as $24.99 (at least that’s the lowest I could find) not a bad price for personalized images.


Casable makes some decent device protection. I think their application of the hard cover cases could use a little refinement and the pouches would be a hard sell to anyone I know. The ability to completely customize the design is what sets them apart from other case companies.

If you’re interested in picking one up, head over to Caseable.com and start your customization right away.

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