As we continue to keep more and more of our lives on our devices, we realize that the majority of them are lacking when it comes to two big areas: storage and battery life. With many of us keeping tons of movies, pictures, documents, and more on our phones, tablets, and other devices, we are taking up more storage and using more battery than ever before.

Of course, the amount of times we have actually accessed these items are pretty low. We keep movies on our phone for long car rides, plane trips, and times when we don’t have an internet connection and need some entertainment. We keep photos so we can look back and remember moments in our lives. However, we don’t normally need these things on a daily basis, but we still like to keep them with us for one reason or another.

So what do you do? You can keep them on your phone and use up that valuable storage, you can offload them to the cloud which will require you to waste data to view them, or you can put them on a microSD card or microUSB flash drive. This last method is what many people do, but there are fewer and fewer phones with microSD card slots and having a flash drive hanging out of your phone isn’t the most elegant solution.

Enter, the Mosaic from PowerStick. It is the end-all, be-all for your storage and power needs. Not only is the Mosaic a power bank, but it also serves as a wireless storage device and even works as a WiFi extender for when you need a signal boost.

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Design and Build Quality

The design of the Mosaic is minimalistic with a white plastic body and a soft plastic underside to keep it secure in a table. The Mosaic logo is on the top of the device in a chopped up style that is simple but eyecatching. Overall, it is fairly small with a 5″x3″ body that stands less than an inch tall. This plus its light weight make it easy to toss in a bag and carry with you without taking up much space or weighing you down.

Mosaic contentsThere is a single button on the left side along with three LEDs for indicating battery level, transfer mode, and WiFi mode. On the back, you’ll find the USB type-A port for charging your devices, and on the front, you can see the USB type-C port for charging the Mosaic itself.

The Mosaic comes with a rigid case with room for the charging cable, tablet charger adapter, and user guide. It’s rigid outside and soft inside means this case will also help protect your Mosaic from any drops or damage.

Using the Mosaic

The Mosaic can do many things, but let’s take them one at a time. First off, it serves as either a 4500mAh or 7000mAh power bank (depending on your configuration) to keep your devices fully charged throughout the day. With that much power at your disposal, you can fully charge almost any phone or tablet out there at least once with many able to fully charge two times or more. This means that you should never find yourself with a dead device during a camping trip or long car ride.

Mosaic frontThe Mosaic charges with a USB type-C connector, but it comes with a USB type-A to USB type-C cable for those of you (like me) who don’t have any devices that use USB type-C. Don’t worry though, the port used to charge your device from the Mosaic is still USB type-A so all of your microUSB cables will work. The remaining battery percentage is displayed by an LED light on the side that turns from green to red when the battery drops to 20%.

Mosaic AppThe biggest draw of the Mosaic is its wireless storage capabilities. The Mosaic emits its own wireless signal, and once you connect to it in you WiFi settings, you can access all that you have stored on it through the companion app. This means you can watch movies stored on the Mosaic without having to connect it to your phone.
The Mosaic comes in several configurations so you can select the storage that you need. You can get a 7000mAh power bank with storage options from 16GB all the way to 256GB.

One awesome part about this wireless storage is that it allows up to seven people to access different items at one time. So if your kids are going to be stuck in the car for a long time, you can give them each a phone or tablet and they can all watch different movies all stored on the Mosaic. There are tons of scenarios where this wireless file access would be useful.

I used the Mosaic to store pictures, a movie, and some documents, and I found that accessing them was extremely easy and simple. Unfortunately, you must use a computer to add and delete files from the Mosaic which means you cannot upload pictures and videos you take on your phone directly to the Mosaic. This was slightly disappointing, but it did not detract from how well the Mosaic acts as a wireless storage device.

The Mosaic app has storage divided up into videos, pictures, photos, and documents. You can connect it to your computer and store your files in their respective group to make sure they are easier to find. When it came to watching videos off the Mosaic, I found that while most major formats will play back just fine, MP4 seems to play back the best. I had one or two slight pauses in other video formats.

Mosaic side

As an added bonus, the Mosaic can act as a WiFi extender to give you an extra signal boost when you cannot get closer to your router. My room is on the other end of the house from the router, and the Mosaic provided a noticeable signal improvement. I usually suffer from some connection drops, but the signal stayed strong when connected through the Mosaic.

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After using the Mosaic for a few weeks, I have been extremely impressed with how well it has handled being a power bank, storage device, and WiFi extender in one. It went from something I was skeptical about to a device that has a permanent spot in my bag. I do wish that I could transfer files from my phone to the Mosaic without using a computer, but that has been my only problem with the Mosaic so far.

If you like to keep lots of movies, photos, documents, or anything else with you but don’t want to take up precious storage in your phone, I would highly recommend taking a look at the Mosaic. It is sleek, portable, and powerful. While it is considerably more expensive than a regular power bank or microSD card with the lowest storage model starting at $130, the convenience of wireless storage plus having everything wrapped into one makes it well worth it. You can get the Mosaic by Powerstick in any of its configurations by clicking on the corresponding button below!

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