I live in sunny San Diego, CA. which is perfect for the CHOETECH 19W solar charger as sun is something we get year around. It was 83 degrees, with full sunlight today and it is not too far off from what winter will bring too. Why not use the sun to power up my devices if it is providing the energy for free?


The beauty of the CHOETECH 19W solar charger is in the simplicity and durable folding design. It comes with a pouch on the back for keeping your devices out of direct sunlight. It is super light-weight and folds up to a very manageable size, making this charger perfect for throwing into a backpack or automobile glove box as a backup plan.


The solar panels themselves are made from a polymer that is much lighter than a typical silicone panel, and is sewn into canvas material for extra durability. In reality, it looks like a few sheets of thin sized dark plastic on the backside of black canvas and could pass for a folding binder. On the last panel there are magnets which keep the folding panels from opening on their own.


On the backside there is a mesh bag sewn into the panel which is there to hold USB cables and the devices you are charging. The energy converter is also on the backside as CHOETECH knows that mobile devices are not designed to be left in direct sunlight.


Overall the design is fantastic and will be a perfect source of energy for when I go on camping trips or when I am out at the beach all day with my pup who can’t get enough of the water.


The CHOETECH 19W solar charger really is one of the easiest accessories you will ever use. You plug your USB cable into the power converter, which you can plug up to two devices simultaneously, and you zip up the devices in the mesh back to keep them secure. Then open the panels and put in direct sunlight and your devices will start charging immediately.

In sunny San Diego sun, my devices were charging at 2.4 amps which isn’t quite the power needed to drive Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0. But it was enough to charge my phones quicker than standard chargers we were used to from devices from just a year ago. Once I let my phones charge for free using the sun, I simply pulled my phones out, which were slightly warmed from the sun but not at all hot, and folded up the charger and was on my way.


On other days when I experimented with the charger in cloudy conditions, the charger could not draw enough energy from the sun which made it ineffective. So be aware, this charger will need full sunlight to operate properly.

The CHOETECH 19W solar charger is a must have accessory for the outdoor types and who get a lot of sunlight.


Solar Power: 19W solar panel
Transformation efficiency: 22%-25%
Output 1: 5V2.4A(Max)
Output: 2: 5V2.4A(Max)
Compact Size: 10.2×6.3×0.7inch
Opened Size: 20.9×10.2inch
Weight: 0.48kg/16.9oz



I know not everyone is fortunate to have sunlight year around like we do in San Diego. But the CHOETECH 19W solar charger is definitly a great accessory for the summer months if you’re an outdoors type of person. It is super lightweight and can recharge your devices countless times for years to come. While I’m not on backpacking or camping trips, the CHOETECH 19W solar charger is going to live in my truck’s glove box as you never know what can happen.

If you would like to purchase the CHOETECH 19W solar charger, head on over to Amazon.com. It has 92 customer ratings with an average 4.5 stars out of 5. CHOETECH is a brand you can trust and they back up their solar charger with an 18-month warranty.

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