One of the features I was most looking forward to when purchasing my Samsung Galaxy S6 was the wireless charging capabilities. It’s so convenient being able to just place the device down on a charging mat and have it charge. That also enables me to neatly hide the connecting USB cable permanently and not have it wave about when I’m trying to locate it in the dark.

One such charger is that from CHOETECH and their Qi Wireless Charging Pad; of course, it does support more devices than the Galaxy S6 – any with Qi actually – but this review was written with the experience of a Galaxy S6.


The charging pad itself is black in color and is a very neat oval shape with a micro-USB port on the rear shorter edge. This sets the charging pad up at a nice angle to place your device on the nightstand next to you and be able to conceal the cable behind it. The CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charging Pad also has a blue LED light to indicate when a device has been successfully placed on the pad and a charge is being sent to the battery. This is a nice way of subtlety indicating that the charging pad is actually working. Unfortunately, this blue LED light and the way it sits on your side table does mean that you have a bright blue light shining in your eye all night long.


One other issue, as shown from the image above, is that it does pick up dusts and marks quite easily. In the two weeks I reviewed the product, with it sat on my side table, it managed to pick up all kinds of prints and marks from the various things placed near it, as well as excess dirt on the phone. It’s not too hard to clean, so really not a huge problem in the wider picture.

I would have liked the CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charging Pad to support Samsung’s FastCharge technology to mimic the charging time I can get out of the official Samsung charger, but understand this is very vendor and device specific.

Otherwise, the charging pad is a very solid, capable, and nice looking device that will reliably charge your Qi-enabled device without any issues. Just be sure to clean it once in a while.

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  1. FastCharge is not a Samsung proprietary technology. It is just their trademark for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge ( It is available in a variety of devices including the Nexus 6. The Motorola wired charger will also quickly charge most Samsung phones (and vice versa).

    Qi does have a 120W specification but the physical limitations of a phone (you do like your thin, light phone, don’t you?) means we will have to live with the 5W specification. To induce more current means that the coil would have to be larger.

  2. help anyone please? used today for the first time and its only charged my phone 80% after 6 hours 15 minutes
    using a 5v 2amp plug.

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