Last month my colleague, Josh Noriega, reviewed a set of headphones from a British company called Rock Jaw. Based on his review, I was eager to try out another set of in-ear headphones the company offers called Clarito. This set runs about $20 cheaper than the Alfa Genus pair that Josh reviewed. But does it live up to the high standard that the Alfa sets? Let’s take a closer look.



First impressions are always important when it comes to technology. As soon as I laid eyes on the box for the Clarito headphones, I was impressed. It’s not that it has amazing packaging, it’s the fact that the headphones were presented in a clean and neat way that showed Rock Jaw cared about its product.

Right out the box, the Clarito headphones scream quality. With a shiny lightweight aluminum casing, it has first class written all over it. It comes with four different sized ear tips that are sure to fit comfortably in almost every ear.


While the headphones are comfortable, I must confess that it didn’t pass my running test to see if it would fall out. On a short run, I found myself constantly pushing the tips back into my ear; however, I seem to always have trouble with that, aside from a couple of rare exceptions.

The headphones sport a roughly four-foot-long cord that is by far my favorite cord I have seen. It’s made of a thick rubber that isn’t heavy but feels like it would take a lot to tear. On the cord, it has an adjustment clip that you can attach to your shirt to keep the cable from moving around while walking.

Rock Jaw is kind enough to include a nice felt bag to carry your headphones in. After all, you want to make sure you protect your new headphones.


I’ve had a number of pricier headphones throughout my life that were muddy, bassy, and muffled. On the other hand, I’ve had some that were inexpensive while also sounding like I was at an actual concert. The truth is you never know what you will get at any price point, but the sound the Clarito headphones deliver will make you happy that you dropped the $30.

Clarito rocks a crisp dynamic sound that you hear with every cymbal, bass kick, and note. The highs and bass are perfectly balanced and deliver an enjoyable experience whether you’re listening to your favorite album or watching the new Star Wars movie.

clarito3 (1)


Rock Jaw has proven itself worthy to be a contender in the audio market. It only has a few headphones in its portfolio at the moment, so I’m eager to see how much more it grows in the future and the products it will develop.

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