I love finding a great pair of headphones, especially ones that have style, durability, great sound, and most importantly an affordable price tag. We all know they are rough of their stuff. On June 1st, Zound Industries gave us a new line of Coloud headphones that are affordable, fit comfortably, and target the busy lifestyles of today’s youth.


While all three headphones have different builds, they all share some similarities. This is no surprise since they are from the same line. Let’s look at some of the same features they share.


The cords measure in at just over four-feet long, which gives you plenty of length when you carry your device in your pocket. They also sport the newest flat design most companies are using today, which helps ensure your cord will remain tangle free.


Coloud’s new line also features a triangle-shaped inline microphone. The microphone has one button that has only two functions; answer/hang up calls and play/pause music. The call quality is crystal clear leaving you with fewer hiccups when talking.

At the end of the cords, there is a 3.5 mm plug. This is no ordinary plug as it the entire length of the plug is two inches and the casing of it is made of flexible rubber. The best thing about the set-up, as you can see in the picture, they feature Zound Industries proprietary ZoundLasso. Basically, you can wrap the cord around the plug and insert the actual plug into a hole, and you have a tangle free wrapped cord.

Coloud No. 4


Coloud No. 4 is an incredibly sporty looking pair of in-ear headphones that scream “Take me for a run”. The ear tip area of the headphones has a design that contours to the ear, which gives it a more comfortable fit. The buds don’t go too deep, and with the tight fit, they are hard pressed to fall out. You are provided with four different size tips, so you will likely find one that fits you.

Let’s not forget that these headphones also are rocking magnetized earbuds that can easily hang from your neck when not in use. This is becoming a common feature that all in-ear headphones should adopt.

Available in Black/Gray. Blue/Yellow, Grey/Splash

Coloud No. 8


These sleek looking on-ear headphones are ultra lightweight with a comfortable angle that fits nicely on your head. They feature cloth on the ear cups, which gives it a nice plush feeling against the ear. You don’t have to worry about that weird vinyl feel that most headphones have.

Adjusting the headphones is no problem with the metal adjustments at the bottom of the headband. It adjusts to almost any head. However, the metal adjuster does concern me a little. I get a feeling if you’re not careful they could get bent sticking them in a bag.

Available in Black/Gray. Blue/Yellow, Grey/Splash

Coloud No. 16



The No. 8 and 16 share some similarities as well. They both are on-ear headphones and have the cloth design on the ear cup and headband. But that’s where it ends. Instead of the angle that the No.8 features, this one has a more traditional headband. It has a comfortable fit that won’t make the outer portion of your ear hurt like some do with prolonged use.

Putting these away is easy since it features hinges that allow them to fold in. These headphones are built solidly and will survive any hectic lifestyle.

Available in Black/Gray. Blue/Yellow, Grey/Splash


Sure, headphones can be tough and durable. They can even look nice. But if you don’t have good sound quality, then you don’t have a good product. Let’s see how these tested.

Coloud No. 4


The Coloud No. 4 headphone’s sound is best described as bright. That means there is an emphasis on the upper midrange and lower treble. This becomes more apparent in the Rock genre more than any other. Hip hop and R&B, where the bass is a more prominent feature, do have a little more bass; however, they still have a brighter sound.

Coloud No 8


These smaller on-ear headphones feature a slightly different sound. I feel when there is an inline microphone involved sound seems to degrade. This is not the case with the No.8’s. When listening to songs like Lucky by Daft Punk, it has has a clean, crisp sound. Nothing overpowers anything else. It’s great for sitting back and listening to some easy going music like Jazz or even Bluegrass, and of course, Daft Punk.

Coloud No. 16


Stepping out from its sister headphones, these larger headphones have a much different sound. It comes off as slightly muffled, but not in a way that makes them sound bad. They still maintain a balanced sound. I found listening to music such as the Foo Fighters to be quite enjoyable.



Coloud’s new line of headphones is a great investment for this price range. I have had many headphones and the majority just doesn’t stack up. You can’t lose with any of these headphones.

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