Welcome back! It’s week two of the accessory round up! We have everything from sd cards to the chromecast.. Check it out!


Samsung Micro SD Cards 64, 32, 16


Micro SD Cards are an absolute must if you don’t want to worry about the cloud and carry a lot of music and videos with you. Micro SD cards looked like they were going away, but now they are on almost every flagship that came out this year. I have always used Samsung SD cards, and they have some great sales going on right now. Check them out here on Amazon: 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb.


LG G Watch/Android Wear


One of Android’s newest products – Android Wear, is amazing. If you have an Android phone, it’s worth looking into. I have been using the LG G Watch since mid-July and have been completely satisfied with it. To sum it up: you have access to all of your notifications on your wrist, as well as some apps that can build more functionality in their app. The LG G Watch can be found here. LG g watch.


Zero Lemon Extended Battery


Phone batteries are getting better and better with every phone that gets released. But sometimes the battery just isn’t good enough. Zero Lemon’s extended batteries will add literally days of life to your device. There is quite a large downside, and that’s the custom case. Since the battery is so big, it comes with a custom made case for each phone. I have a friend that buys these for every phone he has, they are highly recommended. Check them out for the LG G3, Note 3, and the S5 here : LG G3, Note 3, S5




The Chromecast, the surprise device that came out of Google IO last year has quickly taken off. It has been ranked in the top 5 streaming video items on Amazon since it was released last year. The Chromecast will let you send content from your phone to your t.v. Netflix, Pandora, and HBO Go are just a few of the great apps that work great with Chromecast. We cover the Chromecast, as well as all things Chrome,  extensively on Chromewatching.com, so check it out if you get a chance. The Chromecast can be found on Amazon here: Chromecast


Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker


I’ve used a couple of different bluetooth speakers, the Bose Soundlink is the best I have heard. The sound that this fairly small device can produce is amazing. It pairs easily with any bluetooth device, and even if the device doesn’t have bluetooth, you will still be able to connect the speaker using an auxiliary cable. Bose claims that the speaker gets 7 hours of battery life, I can say that they are very accurate, the battery life is good. Bose gets a mixed review from people: some people love them, some people think that they aren’t as good. I have personally used the Bose Soundlink, and I am a fan. Check it out on Amazon here: Bose Soundlink



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