I don’t love phone cases. I know most people are content with putting one on their phones and not really thinking about it ever again. I honestly wish that I was more like that because I’ve definitely screwed up more than one phone from not having a case on it, even though I baby my devices. The cases I do get interested in have to have a niche. They have to be interesting in some way. They have to make me want to keep them on the phone, rather than just becoming a part of it.

That’s why I absolutely love Cover-Up’s #WoodBack collection of cases. Not only do they look phenomenal, but they feel great in the hand too.

Cover-Up WoodBack family


Let’s address protection first since that’s the reason you have a case in the first place. The #WoodBack cases aren’t military certified like UAG cases and they don’t make your phone water resistant like Lifeproof cases, but what they do offer is simple scratch and drop protection. I recently dropped my phone twice in two days. Once onto a driveway without a case and once onto a sidewalk with a #WoodBack case on. Without the case, I got scratched paint and dents. This phone is my baby (I should stop dropping my baby) and it hurts to see those scratches and dents on my phone.

The second fall, this time with the #WoodBack case securely on the phone, produced no ill effects. Not even for the case.

Your phone sits inside of a TPU case, that while thin, is pretty tough. There is some give in the case which helps disperse any shocks, but not enough that your phone is going to pop out of it. There’s also a bumpy texture on the sides of the case to help you grip the phone better. I owned a previous version of these cases that had smooth sides and it could be a bit slippery, but I haven’t had any issue holding onto my (rather large) Nexus 6P.

A slight lip comes up to protect your phone’s screen, but I really don’t know if it’s going to do anything to help it out in case of falls. It’s a bit too shallow to hold back your screen if it’s falling face down, but I think it will keep your screen from touching a surface if it’s just sitting on a table- which can help with scratches. I don’t have a tempered glass screen protector on my Nexus 6P, but I’d wager to say that if you have one on yours the #WoodBack case will come almost flush with the screen protector.

Look and Feel

The great thing about Cover-Up’s cases is the huge selection of different wood you have to choose from. Currently, for the Nexus 6P you can choose from 14 different styles of wood and designs. I am personally in love with the Blackened Ash wood and the Gold Lightning Bolt logo adds an awesome little bit of flair, without going over the top. The Elm Burl, Cherry, and Black Limba cases (pictured below) are also as beautiful in person as they are on the website.

Cover-Up WoodBack cherry burl limba

One very appealing aspect of these cases is that no two are alike. The Elm Burl case I have pictured has some of the same characteristics as the press pictures on Cover-Up’s website, but it’s completely different in design. There are a ton of knots and distinctive features in my case that no-one else will duplicate on theirs. I love having a one-of-a-kind design on my phone.

Cover-Up WoodBack grain

I covered the bumpy sides earlier and that’s plays in rather heavily to how the cases feel in the hand. There’s no sliding around with this thing so my phone always feels secure in my hand. The bumps, on top of the size of the case, add almost no bulk either. The Nexus 6P is a humongous phone but the #WoodBack cases doesn’t make it feel any bigger. That’s a huge plus for me.

There are only a few minor negatives to these cases, and it’s really stretching. They are a bit deep. You can really tell how deep the case is when you’re putting your finger on the scanner on the back of the phone. I’ve not noticed any issues with getting a good read (in fact, it helps me center my finger on the scanner better) and the cutouts for the camera and flash are big enough so it doesn’t reflect back into the lens, so this is just a minor negative because it changes the feel of the phone.

Cover-Up WoodBack fingerprint scanner

Also, the case does cover the buttons on the phone and they can feel a bit mushy to press. The buttons don’t stick out very far so it’s easy to miss them unless you’re looking for them as you’re running your finger along the side of the case. It’s not a huge turn-off, but it will bother some people.

Cover-Up WoodBack buttons


I think Cover-Up really hit it out of the park with the #WoodBack line. They aren’t the most protective of cases, but they’re on par with most cases out there. If you’re looking for something like an Otterbox, you probably weren’t looking at these cases anyway.

The wood backing of these phones look and feel absolutely fantastic. The fact that I will have my own unique design no matter what wood I choose is a huge selling point to me.

If you’re interested in picking up a #WoodBack case from Cover-Up, head over to its website or check out its listings on Amazon.

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