Music plays an integral part of our lives for most of us. We listen to it in our cars on the way to work or school, at the gym, at home while cooking or when we are doing chores. It gets our blood pumping before a big game, offers background noise while we study, and provides endless entertainment within arms reach on our smartphones.

There are quite a few people who don’t know much about headphones which is why we review so many of them. While the headphones that come with your devices can play your music, they’re generally not very good. Low quality earbuds miss quite a bit of the musical spectrum and there’s a good chance you’re not hearing all of your music.

It doesn’t take hundreds of dollars for quality headphones. I’ve been using dodocool’s Hi-Res in ear earphones from Amazon and think they’re quite capable. Let’s check them out.

Build and Usage


dodocool’s Hi-res earbuds are the wired variety with a 3.5mm audio plug with an in-line noise cancelling remote control. dodocool describes the drivers in the earbuds at Amazon with 40mm drivers, but that isn’t possible with an earbud of this size. Without taking them apart, I cannot identify how large they really are, but I would guess they’re the standard 8mm or 10mm variety based on the size of the casing.

The casings are made from plastic with a small ear flange that keeps them from falling out. The design is basic for earbuds, but that’s nothing to complain about considering these are all about sound.

When it comes to sound, it’s pretty hard to live up to the Hi-res description in the product listing. That description is usually reserved for high-end earbuds that costs 10 times as much as these dodocool earbuds which cost about $40. However when you load up Hi-Fi music from TIDAL, or high-quality music from Spotify, the earbuds actually perform quite good. They’re balanced while offering quite a bit of detail. Bass is punchy, mids are at the forefront and highs are clear without being piercing. These are tuned to please many instead of just dialing up the bass, and are not overly analytical which can become tiring to listen to over time.

They aren’t nearly as Hi-res as other earbuds I’ve used that qualify for that description, but they are quite good nonetheless. If I compare them to earbuds from Apple or Samsung that come for free with your smartphone, these are in a whole different category of sound reproduction.

When wearing earbuds of this variety, you need to make sure the fit is snug. Any air that can enter your ear will distort the sound. dodocool provides three sizes of silicone ear tips that are suitable for almost all ear canals. The tips are soft and comfortable and can be worn for several hours without fatigue.


When it comes to taking calls with these earbuds, they are excellent. Wired earbuds usually outperform their wireless counterparts with a sure connection through the 3.5mm audio jack. I took over a dozen calls for work with these and did not encounter any issues on either end of the call.



dodocool hooked the AndroidGuys’ readers up with an exclusive discount for these headphones. For a limited time, you can grab the dodocool Hi-Res in-ear earphones for $25.99 at Amazon using discount code 3OYEHHJP at checkout.

At $26 these earbuds are a more than fair price for those looking to upgrade their music experience. For those of you who use the earbuds that come with your smartphone, you’re missing out on a whole lot of detail in your music. It’s time you upgrade – the dodocool Hi-res in-ear earbuds are comfortable, are great for taking calls and offer a great all around music experience at a solid price.

Check out the dodocool Hi-res in-ear earphones at Amazon today.


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