We live in an ever-changing world where our electronic devices have become everyday necessities. While tech has enabled us to do things beyond our wildest imagination just a decade ago, the downside is portable devices need to be recharged. Most on a daily basis. For those of us considered power users, devices with terrible battery lives are the bane of our existence. This means we need to charge those devices all too frequently, and unfortunately, there isn’t always an outlet around to help us refuel. You could use a power bank, but those need charging too.

For the times we don’t have access to power banks or wall outlets, we have the EasyAcc 28W Solar Charger.

In the box

  • Portable solar charger
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Two carabiner clips
  • Backpack rope
  • Travel pouch
  • User manual



A few years ago while on vacation, I was telling my wife I wished there was a solar charging battery case. I had horrible battery life and needed to charge my phone up to three times a day. While on vacation, this can prove to be quite the chore, and you can easily become a wall hugger. You could say I was excited to find out about the next best thing. Yes, I know I could have used a power bank, but I didn’t have one.

The EasyAcc 28W Solar Charger is a 28 watt, four-port USB charger that is compatible with most 5V input devices. It can harness the energy from the sun and can provide you with a full charge within two to three hours. It’s made up of a durable, weatherproof material that can handle just about any type of weather while still looking charming.

The pouch is equipped with the four-port charging station. The charging station is armed with two 2.4 amp Smart Charge ports and two one amp ports. The Smart Charge ports are designed to detect how much current your device needs to charge to prevent overcharging. In the event that your devices get too hot, the charger will pause until the battery cools down to prevent a nasty fire or other internal damage.


Although there are four ports to hook devices up to, there isn’t much room inside the pouch. There’s enough room for two large smartphones, or a regular size tablet and small phone. There is room to throw in small Bluetooth headphones too, but you’re not getting too much else in there. Unless you’re sitting still for a while, don’t plan to charge a lot of devices on the go.

Four solar panels open to lay out flat to collect as much sunlight as possible. The more direct sunlight you get, the stronger the charge your charge will be. I would suggest tucking the pouch under the panels during hotter days to reduce heat exposure to your electronic devices.

Of course, there are many times when you’re not sitting still. If you’re always on the go, you can attach the solar charger to your backpack with the included clips or rope. Or you can get creative with the attachments, just make sure you maintain direct contact with the sun to get the best charge.


For those of you enjoying the great outdoors this summer, the EasyAcc 28W solar charger is a great option for staying powered and on the go when you’re away from an outlet. Even if you bring power banks on your camping trips, they still need charging. With the EasyAcc solar charger, you could charge your power bank during the day and use your power bank to charge your phones when the sun is down at night. For the price of $60, it is a solid investment for any outdoorsman or for those who wish to preserve the environment by harnessing the free energy from the sun.

Buy the EasyAcc 28W Solar Charger at Amazon for $59.99 with free shipping included.

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  1. Cool! So while traveling we do not need to carry another portable charger if we have the solar charger. I would look out for more reviews in Amazon.

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