We regularly review power banks here at Androidguys.com, but typically review larger batteries with at least 6000mAh or more power. The downside to those batteries is that you cannot get away from size. They’re so big that you either make an effort to take them with you, or you simply leave them at home. Leaving your portable battery at home serves no purpose when you’re out consuming power on your mobile device.

The solution: carry an EasyAcc Classic 3350 Power Bank on you at all times.



The EasyAcc Classic 3350mAh battery is designed with portability in mind. It comes with a 3350mAh battery which is just over one full charge for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Moto X Pure(both have a 3000mAh battery), about two full charges for the iPhone 6s(1,715mAh) and over one full charge for the iPhone 6S Plus(2585mAh).

The EasyAcc Classic is a small lipstick styled battery that is easy to carry in a pocket or put in a side pocket of a backpack or purse. It is definitely small and light enough to take with you on a daily basis: if you are the type who needs a recharge throughout the day. It’s nicely made from a solid plastic that does not attract fingerprints and is mostly black except for the orange end caps. The Easy Classic also comes in a gray and black combination if you prefer something a little more muted.


There is one USB output which can charge just about any device that is chargeable by USB, and it also has one micro-USB input for recharging the battery itself.

There’s a power button on top, and when pressed will show four LED’s which will indicate how much power is remaining.

It’s a modest yet functional design.



The EasyAcc Classic is just an external battery. There isn’t much to it. You simply plug in the charging cable that came with your smartphone, smartwatch, portable game player or action camera, into the USB end into the EasyAcc battery and the other end into your device. It will start recharging your device instantly.

I carried my EasyAcc Classic around in my jeans for a couple of weeks, and after the first day I forgot it was ever there. I have a short USB cable that I left plugged into it, and on some nights I would recharge my phone(still out and about) because I needed the juice at the end of the day. I use my phone a ton for work. There’s always a one or two hour phone call, or a good 5-10 emails that need to be written when I am away from a charger. And then there are my duties to Androidguys.com that are always pulling on my battery, so having the EasyAcc Classic was nice because the phones I have no longer have replaceable batteries like my old Note 4.

Prior to the Classic, the only batteries I owned were of the large 10000mAh or 20000mAh sizes, and I would never take them with me unless I had my backpack. They’re too big to carry in my pocket and definitely too heavy. Most days I only need one recharge, it’s only on work trips or vacations where I need those large battery packs. So having the Classic is definitely something I will be using on a daily basis and for that reason I consider it much more important than any other battery I own.



  • 3350mAh
  • 101 x 24 x 24 mm
  • 2A input


For only $10 this is one heck of a value. Internal batteries for phones with swappable batteries cost up to five times this amount. If you have never used a portable power bank, consider getting one like this as it will probably be the most useful. Or if you only have a large power bank in your tech inventory, consider getting the EasyAcc Classic 3350mAh battery for its portability will make it much more useful to you since you will most likely be carrying it on yourself at all times. I highly recommend the EasyAcc Classic.

If you would like to learn more or make a purchase check out EasyAcc.com.


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