“To hear is to believe”

EasyAcc provided me with the opportunity to review their Bluetooth 4.0 DP100 Ultra Portable speaker. “To hear is to believe” is a quote from their product description and it describes the DP100 perfectly. The EasyAcc is my first Bluetooth speaker I have ever tested that costs less than 25 dollars and all I can think about is how I wasted so much money on high-end speakers from the likes of Bose and Sony.  Having seen dozens of lower priced speakers perform at trade shows and electronics stores, my expectations were low. Speakers in this price range typically represent poor sound reproduction, battery-life and most of all build quality.

EasyAcc is going to radically change the bluetooth speaker market with the DP100 by forcing customers to expect more for their dollar.

EasyAcc DP100 build

The EasyAcc DP100 Ultra Portable Bluetooth 4.0 speaker is clearly a product built with pride and hard-work while keeping the customer first. Not that this should matter much, but even the packaging is great. The box is minimalist, but sturdy, and is the box this speaker deserves.


Enough about the packaging. When I removed the speaker from the box I could feel the weight which felt heavy for the size. The weight in a portable speaker is actually a good thing as it usually means there is a large battery and large magnet to drive the speaker cone. A large battery equals long life and powerful sound output. Encasing the speaker is a tightly wrapped metal grill making the DP100 feel extremely durable. EasyAcc could have opted for cheaper material in cloth instead but they know that cloth is not a realistic material to protect the speaker.

Everything feels solid on the DP100. The speaker controls are on top of the device with microphones for phone call conversations. The three buttons are multi-functional giving this beautiful speaker a minimalist design.


I didn’t bother charging this speaker out of the box because I read in the instructions that the playback time is rated at 15-20 hours. In the instructions EasyAcc does instruct you to fully charge the speaker before initial usage. But after evaluating the build quality, my excitement got the best of me and I just had to use it. If you order one of these speakers, I dare you to try to wait for it to charge before using it.

Once I turned the DP100 on with the switch in the back, it immediately started to beep and the LED up top was blinking. I knew this meant it was looking for a Bluetooth device to connect to which is not common. Most speakers and accessories make you push a button dedicated to the Bluetooth connection. As minor as this may seem, I know this is great for people like my mom who can find pairing difficult. I connected the device to my phone and was rocking out immediately.

The first thing I noticed was how loud the speaker pumped out music. It’s loud, even louder than some portable speakers three times its size. The only downside, and I am being extremely picky was the mids were a little drowned out by the highs. The lows performed adequately for a speaker of this size, but at no point was the sound distorted to the loudness factor. The performance of the DP100 shocked me to my delight. It’s a rarity these days for me to be impressed by gadgets easily but that is exactly what the DPP100 did and as you can hopefully tell in my review that I am still excited.

The three buttons up top are a play button which serves as a way to play/pause your music in addition to answering/ending a phone call and a “-” and “+” symbol to rewind/fast forward as well as serving to adjust the volume.


In two weeks of use while taking showers, hanging out at the beach, and writing while home for Androidguys I have charged the speaker one time and have not experienced a power down due to low battery. There is no battery indicator associated with the speaker which is something I would have liked.

Last but not least, I tested the speaker with a call to my mom. To her it sounded great, but when I did walk close to walls in my place she could hear the echo. That was my fault though for keeping the volume at maximum. I plan on using it at work as my speakerphone for my conference calls when I’m in the lab mixing chemicals.

EacyAcc also provides you with a synthetic microsuede bag to protect the speaker while you travel. Without a doubt, EasyAcc put the customer first when designing and building the DP100.


What I liked

  • Superior build quality
  • Battery life
  • Sound reproduction
  • Loudness
  • Minimalist design
  • Bag for toting around town
  • Price

What I didn’t like

  • Lack of battery indicator
  • Muddled mid-range sound


Without hesitation I will call this the best speaker you can get for your money. Right now the EasyAcc DP100 is listed at Amazon.com for $21.95 with free Prime shipping. For the price, quality, sound reproduction and incredible battery life the DP100 is one heck of a steal.

I strongly suggest you pick one up if you’re looking for a Bluetooth portable speaker. If you disagree with my review after you gave the speaker a try, let me know in the comments. Don’t forget, “To hear is to believe.”

If you’re interested in learning more or making a purchase, check the speaker out at EasyAcc. Or check out the wide range of other speakers here.


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