There are a lot of various factors that make up a good pair of earbuds, the comfort, look, control, battery. The one thing that can really separate a good pair of earbuds, however, is the sound. Earbuds that produce professional grade sound stand apart and are able to really immerse you in audio.

The Edifier NeoBuds Pro showed me what professional sound on a pair of earbuds sounds like. Previously I did now know what earbuds were capable of.

Comfort & Look

These earbuds use a small, rounded, rubber tip that is on the end of the earbud to insert into the ear canal. With this tip and the rounded earbud shape I find these ear buds to fit quite nicely and have never experienced any pain due to the fit.

The earbuds come with quite a variety of rubber tips to fit different ear sizes as well. These tips easily come on and off the matt black earbuds. The outside the earbuds have a clean look, are about as small as a paperclip, and do not draw much attention.


Let me start this section off by talking about the noise cancelling of the earbuds. When you are wearing both ear buds and have the volume up, the sounds of your environment disappear, and you are left with just you and your audio.

On top of that, the sound is amazing, the quality of the treble and mid are fantastic, the sound is clear as water. The bass just goes above and beyond what I would ever expect a pair of earbuds to be able to do.

I find that most earbuds produce littler bass than what I would like however with these earbuds not only is the bass prominent but the sound of it is very high quality.

Battery Life

Every day of the week I walk for a minimum of 40 minutes, usually more on Mondays and Wednesdays. During this time, I am always using my earbuds and I find that I only have to charge them about one every week and a half or so.

The battery life that I have found is about eight hours of listening before you have to charge your earbuds. They charge pretty quickly though, and I find I can obtain a full battery within a couple hours. The charging port for these earbuds is type C which is pretty common amongst different kinds of phones and laptops.


The customization settings on these ear buds are pretty sick once you are able to connect them to the app. The earbuds on their own are not able to do much customization but if you download the Edifier app there are tons of options.

The adjustments you are able to make on the sound mixes and the presets you are able to save are pretty extensive. On top of that you are able to control how much outside sound blockage the earbuds do. The volume of each earbud can also be controlled individually on the app and there are even options to add on ambience.

User Experience

When first opening up the earbuds I had no problem following the instructions and connecting the earbuds to my phones Bluetooth and the Edifier app. Most days these earbuds are super easy to use for me and automatically connect to my phone.

However, every so often I find that if you pull out one ear bud to fast and immediately shut the case it will not automatically connect. Once this happens you may have a little trouble making sure the earbuds are connected to your phone, but it is an easy fix as long as you take your time and leave the case open a little bit longer when connecting.


The Edifier Neobuds Pro are built for consumers who enjoy high quality sound. By not only having some of the most quality earbud speakers I have experienced but also by giving the consumer total control over the sound balance of the earbuds, these earbuds are built for those who appreciate high quality.

If you are someone who knows sound balances and wants to really experience and be immersed in your audio these earbuds are for you.

You can learn more about the NeoBuds Pro at the Edifier website where you can purchase them for about $130. Alternatively, you can pick them up from Amazon, too.

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