The EKSA Gamer Master wired gaming mouse is an ultra light, brand new gaming mouse featuring 8 programmable buttons, customizable RGB modes,  as well as DPI adjustment up to 12,000 to provide you with your ideal gaming experience. Also known as the EM600 Sniper Mouse, it’s designed with ergonomics in mind to add just a touch of longevity and comfort to gaming sessions. You can find the mouse on sale on the EKSA website for $24.99.


The EM600 feels pretty average in the area of build quality, but considering it’s light weight, you should perhaps expect that. I will say that all of the buttons have a very satisfying, solid feeling click, thanks to the Gold Micro switches inside. Rated for 20 million clicks, these switches will give you the lifespan you need from a low budget gaming mouse. 

The shell of the mouse is made of a lightweight and low friction plastic, but the shape of the mouse and textured areas on the side of the shell allow for your thumb, ring, and little finger  to keep a good hold of the mouse in any scenario.

The scroll wheel isn’t any sort of masterpiece, but it gets the job done well with a textured surface for quick movements as well as an extra customizable input when you push down on it. It feels very stable and high quality.

The RGB lighting looks pretty good as well. It has several different modes you can access through a button on the bottom, and it provides backlighting for the EKSA logo and the scroll wheel. In my opinion, the overall aesthetics are standard and simple, which I quite enjoy.

The mouse is hardwired to the PC or laptop by a 6-foot braided cable that reminds me more of a shoelace than a cable. For my purposes, six feet was enough to get to my desk with ease, but of course you should do some experimenting of your own to be sure that six feet will give you plenty of extra room to glide the Gamer Master all over your desk.


The EKSA Em600 is advertised as being ergonomic and it is very much that. The left side thumb rest fits my specific hand posture perfectly and through the few gaming sessions I had with it I never experienced any discomfort.

All buttons are easily and quickly accessible for use on the fly. I also think the “Sniper” button as EKSA calls it on the website is a super unique feature to have. It allows you to adjust the DPI lower while you aim down the sights in FPS games so that you can gain an extra edge of precision over your opponents. 


If you don’t know anything about DPI, I would suggest doing some research about it before you buy any mouse for gaming. If you’re already comfortable with the term, then here it is: the EKSA EM600 has adjustable DPI with a dedicated button for increasing as well as decreasing the DPI. This allows you to very quickly adjust the setting in game without too much trouble.

The default DPI settings seem to be 500, 1000, 2000… up to 6000, but EKSA has an option driver download on their website which gives you full capability to further customize RGB as well as create presets that you can cycle through with different DPI settings.


All things considered, I think the EKSA Gamer Master EM600 is a wonderful entry-level gaming mouse. These days, $25 is an awesome deal for RGB, DPI adjustment, programmable buttons, an ultra lightweight build, premium Gold Micro switch technology, and even driver software for additional customization. So if you’re new to the gaming scene and just want something to get you started, this is a very reasonable option at an even more reasonable price.

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