Every now and then I come across mobile accessories that are compelling because of their low prices. As a writer who focuses on tech I appreciate quality products and brand names as much as anyone. If I had my way, all I would write about is the best of the best but that isn’t practical for most of you readers. Especially in today’s world of disposable gadgets. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to invest so heavily into mobile accessories.

I’ve come across the ELEGIANT rugged wireless speaker and portable power bank combo, and what’s crazy is it costs just $14.99 at Amazon. No discount code required. It even comes with free Prime Shipping.

It’s a ridiculously low priced mobile accessory. So is it worth it?

Let’s get into the review.



The ELEGIANT wireless speaker is made from metal with a silicone cover. It’s solid out of the box, and in no way does it feel like a toy. The silicone offers durability on the exterior, and the speaker is rated with an IPX54 rating for resistance to water splashing.

On one of the short ends is where you find the controls – power, volume up/down, fast forward/rewind track, play/pause and answer/end phone call. On that same side is where you can pair the speaker using the built-in NFC chip. Or you can simply long press the power button when turning it on to put it into pairing mode.

On the other short end is where the microUSB input slot is for charging the speaker as well as a full size USB out port for charging mobile devices and accessories. On top of those ports is a silicone flap that helps keep moisture out.


There is also a little slot for attaching the included carabiner so you can hook the speaker onto a back pack while you’re outdoors.

As you can see in the image just above, there are four available colors to suit your personal preference. Black, red, green and blue all are made of the same silicone material and all cost the same.

The build is solid, but it’s not the highest quality mobile speaker you can get your hands on. If you’re really rough, I can see the silicone flap that covers the charging port being ripped off with a little effort. However, if you take care of your stuff, this build is good enough to last.

Does it sound good?


Surprisingly, the speaker does sound pretty good. No it doesn’t sound like a UE Boom II or Bose Soundlink II wireless speaker, but it does get really loud without being tinny or muddled. I was actually impressed by how much sound this little speaker pumped out. It’s not full of bass, but it is clear and would likely be plenty of speaker for most. I can easily imagine bringing the ELEGIANT wireless speaker with me when I am hanging out at the park or beach.

Does it suck?

At $14.99 it’s easy to think “you get what you pay for”. So you ask, “does it suck?” The answer is Hell No. For $14.99 you get a heck of a value with this wireless speaker and battery combo from ELEGIANT.

I am not a fan of bringing my $200 wireless speakers where sand and saltwater can damage the internals. I’m also not keen on leaving my expensive accessories lying around at public venues where I am not always paying attention. I don’t usually lose things, but if I lost a $200 wireless speaker, I would be pretty bummed out.

I’ve read feedback on Amazon where some people had poor Bluetooth connections. I never experienced that issue, so maybe that has to do with inconsistent build quality. I frequently used the ELEGIANT speaker in my office, and walked out of the room with my connected smartphone in my pocket. No stutter, no lag – a strong wireless signal. And when I took it to the dog park, I easily got 30 feet of distance between the speaker and myself while maintaining a strong signal.

I leave the ELEGIANT rugged speaker in my laptop bag, and it’s nice to have as a portable power bank in case I need to draw a little extra power to get through the day. It’s nice not to have to carry a speaker and a portable battery since both are included in the ELEGIANT combo speaker. It has an internal battery rated at 3600mAh which has enough time to get up to 10 hours of playback, although I frequently got eight hours. 3600mAh is enough power to recharge a Galaxy S7 edge to almost full, or any iPhone to 100% from 0.


I do know that ELEGIANT is selling these quickly at this price and stock is limited. At $14.99 with free Prime Shipping these would make great stocking stuffers or White Elephant gift exchanges. The features and sound quality are well worth every penny and more.

Check out the ELEGIANT wireless speaker/portable battery combo at Amazon by following this link.


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