The Excitrus Power Bank is designed to be a highly universal multi-tasking power bank that allows you to charge just about any device with a battery. You can find it on Amazon or the Excitrus website for $99.99. Its most important feature is the battery pack’s power output, allowing up to 100W output so that you can charge larger devices like a MacBook or any laptop that allows for a USB charging connection.

In the box you receive the power bank itself, a manual, and a short USB-C to USB-C cable. The power bank has a “Premium Fabric” exterior that looks and feels very high quality. It also has a small window on the side with a couple different indicators to tell you the battery percentage remaining as well as the current “charging mode”.

If you’ve got lots of Apple products, or just about any device with the right connection capabilities, then in theory you can charge up to four devices at once.


As advertised by Excitrus, the 100W Power bank does have the capability to charge four devices at one time. It comes with three different outputs and one 10W wireless charging location right on top of the battery pack.

One of the unique things about the Excitrus 100W is the magnets inside the battery which will hold a wireless charging device in place so that you can easily locate the right spot for your phone, earbuds, etc.

For wired connections, there are two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. The ports each provide different available wattage capabilities and the battery pack itself has a couple different charging modes to protect the longevity of your devices’ batteries.

The USB-A port allows for the 18W Quick Charge 3.0 so that you can charge certain compatible devices at high speed, like recent MacBooks, Microsoft Surfaces, iPad Pros, iPhones, and the Nintendo Switch. Don’t worry if your device isn’t compatible with the Quick Charge 3.0, as the Excitrus 100W will still charge the device at a reduced speed.

For Android users and other devices without the Quick Charge 3.0 feature, the other two wired ports on the battery pack put out plenty of power to charge your device quickly.

The first USB-C port doubles as the power input for the battery pack, but also has the full 100W capability for fast charging of any device. The second USB-C port will also rapidly charge any smartphone with a 45W output rating and 44W high speed charging for Samsung users, in particular.

Another unique feature of the Excitrus 100W pack is its Bluetooth Device Charging mode. To charge small tech like a pair of wireless earbuds or a smartwatch, I would recommend putting the power bank in this mode in order to protect the long-term life of your wearables. This can be done quickly and easily by double pressing the button on the side, and the percent symbol in the window will blink so that you know the mode has been activated.

Battery and Performance

The battery pack itself is advertised at 20,800mAh, or roughly 75 hours of life for your average smartphone, 16 hours for an average tablet, or 15 hours for a USB-C compatible laptop.

It seems that their implied rate of charging for certain devices is pretty accurate. It was able to charge my device from 0% to about 80% in one hour. I was able to get just short of two full charges for my Pixel 5a, which has a pretty average battery capacity compared to today’s market of smartphones.

After one charge of the Pixel, it had 40% battery remaining. I was able to test the power bank out on a MacBook Pro, and it definitely had the power to charge it at about the same rate as a wall charger would, but I was not able to test if it would give the laptop a full charge, so I’ll have to rely on Excitrus for the 15+ hour lifespan extension for USB-C laptops.

Considering the size of the battery pack (it definitely won’t fit your pocket), I honestly did expect a bit more from it, but I can’t take away any credit when you take into account the wireless charging ability as well as three other high-power outputs that can be used simultaneously.


You can learn more about the Excitrus 100 W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank at the manufacturer’s website where it’s also available to purchase for about $100. Alternatively, you can also head to Amazon and pick one up.

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