I have had the opportunity recently to get my hands on the EZVIZ C8PF smart home camera. EZVIZ has a series of many different cameras for different purposes such as outdoor, inside, and pet specific. Today we will be focusing on this specific outdoor camera.

This camera is great for keeping tabs on what is happening outside of your home whether that be your front porch or driveway. I can comfortably say that this camera does just about everything you will need it to do with almost no trouble.


The EZVIZ C8PF outdoor camera has a very solid feel to it and seems to get the job done just right. A downside of course is the fact that it is a wired connection. Batteries will never be a problem but managing your cords could potentially prove to be a problem as it can easily be disconnected if the wires are exposed. The camera is bulky compared to other competitors but with it being outdoors it shouldn’t be a problem.

The EZVIZ C8PF provides a nice 1080p resolution which is perfect for being able to see what you need no matter the time of day. Even at night, it has an IR(98ft.) that helps it see everything you need to.

This camera has an AI powered person detector that tries to efficiently rule out any objects or animals that may not be what you are looking for. With the app that accompanies the camera, you can easily receive alerts with person detection and help give you peace of mind when dealing with certain situations.

It comes with dual lenses so you can have a picture in picture display in the app when monitoring your home. This camera comes with 340-degree swivel and 80-degree vertical rotation with an 8x zoom. Seeing exactly what you need will never be a problem.

The camera provides two way talk if you ever need to exchange communication with a mailman, for example, and is also weatherproof since it will be outside for all the assortment of weather it will have to endure. Storage is also never a problem as it comes with 512 GB of SD storage AND comes with a one week free trial of the EZVIZ cloud storage so you can get a feel for what their award winning cloud storage is like (Personal Data Privacy Protection Management System Certification).


If you have a small window of time with a drill and an idea of where you want to put your camera and cords, then you have enough time to set this up. It isn’t a difficult process once you know where you want to put it. Then you get the app up and running and scan the QR code on the camera and you are ready to go.

Once inside, you’ll see full control on how your notifications are set up, when you want it to record, when you can have it sleep if you are home, and so on.

Apps and Notifications

In terms of the app that is paired with the camera, it has just about everything you would expect it to have. It has a hub with all of your connected cameras and you can easily click on the one you desire and access a whole list of tabs that can be used with the EZVIZ C8PF. That can range from activating sleep mode, recording, two way talk, or you can simply just watch the camera live and see what’s going on at home.

You can also customize when you receive notifications in the app. Usually people set it to send a notification when motion is detected which I personally think is the best way to go. I never had any problems with the notifications and felt it was a top-notch notification system. With all the competitors in the area, this camera definitely delivered.


I enjoyed using this camera and could definitely see myself using it as my own camera system. With its price tag sitting around $170, it feels right in line with other cameras in this price point. Depending on what kind of security you are looking for, EZVIZ is sure to have it and give you what you need.

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