Fairywill Pro P11 Toothbrush review

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My teeth are porous and very difficult to keep clean regardless of how I brush (up and down versus forward and back), how often I brush (let’s be honest who really brushes after every meal?), or what toothpaste I use.  For that reason, I must use electric toothbrushes.

My very first experience with an “sonic” toothbrush was in the early 2000’s with the Philips Sonicare. Since then, I’ve bounced around to several different brands including Oral B and most recently the Triple Bristle with unique 3-head design.

I have a difficult time not only dropping upwards of $100 for a toothbrush, but also the cost of being locked into costly replacement heads. It’s no wonder that companies like Quip sell you a modestly priced handle and hit you with a recurring subscription of brush heads.

Having the opportunity to test and review the Fairywill Pro P11 actually came at a very opportune time. I was planning to buy one anyway! Shh, don’t tell them! The Fairwill Pro P11 can generally be purchased for less than $50 on Walmart and occasionally on their deals site, Woot!

With eight included brush heads and a 2-year warranty, I won’t have to worry about buying another toothbrush for a long time. But how well will it clean my teeth? Having two years worth of brush heads does me no good if it doesn’t do a good job cleaning the chompers.


I’ve never unboxed a toothbrush like the Fairywill Pro P11 before. I don’t purchase top of the line models but they generally come sealed in that armored plastic requiring a plasma cutter to open.

The Fairywill was nicely packaged in a box, within a box, within a box. You get the base handle, aforementioned eight brush heads, a travel case, a USB charging cord (no AC adapter), manual, registration card, and a micro-USB and USB-C adapter to charge other devices. The Fairwill uses a DC barrel connector for charging. Not sure why they went this route instead of just going with USB-C or micro-USB for simplicity’s sake.

The Fairywill Pro P11 is available in both black and white versions. The black version features a rose gold colored band which houses a series of LED lights used to indicate charge status as well as mode.

Pressing the single button cycles through normal, soft, massage and off. Normal equating to 62,000 brush strokes per minute while soft reduces that to 56,000. Massage alternates between the normal and soft modes.

If you prefer not to sing the ABCs in your head while brushing to ensure you reach the ADA recommended two minutes of brushing, the P11 will slightly pause every 30 seconds reminding you to move from one quadrant of your mouth to the next.


Maybe I don’t put enough thought into my toothbrushes and the technology or science of clean teeth. Or maybe Fairywill is overthinking it? Either way, you should be aware that the P11 toothbrush features a 3rd generation Maglev motor. The motor is driven by an 800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery delivering 30 days of continuous service.

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, it delivers a true “amphibious” experience. What does all this mean? Let me tell you.

I used the normal setting for the past week. I didn’t experience any discomfort or sensitivity on my gums or my teeth. The brush does seem to make broader strokes than other electric toothbrushes I’ve used in the past. I can see actual brush strokes while others appear to more or less vibrate in place. As a result, it works up a good lather and leaves my whole mouth feeling refreshed including my tongue.

One point of caution is bumping your teeth with anything but the bristles. That vibration on your teeth is definitely more pronounced than with other brushes I’ve used as well.

I’m completely satisfied with the Fairywill Pro P11 toothbrush at this point. My teeth are visibly cleaner and whiter after using the brush for just one week. The charge seems to be holding up well. My only gripe is with the charging cable. Assuming you only need to charge this once per month, there’s a high likelihood in my case that I’ll eventually misplace the non-standard USB charging cable.

The Lowdown

If you’re in the market for a reasonably priced electric toothbrush, you can’t really go wrong. There’s almost 2,000 Amazon ratings averaging over 4.5 stars.

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