How much of your day is spent looking at a display of some sort? We’re talking not only computers, but tablets, smartphones, and televisions, and more. Just about everything you work with, including the device you’re using right now, has some form of a screen.

Next question: How many times have you gone to bed feeling like your eyes were going to burn right through the eyelids?

How often do you find yourself rubbing your eyes as you try to power through another few hours of work? Eye strain sucks. Unfortunately, a lot of us spend most of our waking life staring at pixels and lights. It’s almost impossible not to feel burned out or mentally exhausted from so many LCDs and LEDs.

For a lot of devices we have the ability to toggle off blue light. That’s a pretty big deal, and goes a long way to helping you wind down at night or start to turn off your brain. It’s not a perfect cure-all, but it beats the alternative.

We were recently introduced to a company called Felix Gray. This outfit specializes in creating computer glasses and aims to help reduce headaches, blurred vision, and everything else that comes with today’s lifestyle.

Our team was sent a pair of glasses so that we can test them out and find out whether the technology is real. After a few weeks of wearing and not wearing them we were convinced that they deliver on the promise.

Available in a variety of styles and colors, Felix Gray eyeglasses have a very modern and hip design to them. To most people we ran into they looked just the same as any prescription or fashion glasses.

Trying them on we found the glasses to be very light — lighter than most reading glasses. At first blush you don’t notice that that the lens is any different from your standard readers. Look a little closer, or at the right angle, and you’ll see the slight color variation.

Just as you’ll find when toggling off blue light on your phone, the Felix Gray glasses filter out blue and harmful light without impacting the color spectrum. Start your day off with these and you won’t even notice them by the end of your first cup of coffee. Moreover, they help to cut down on glare so working by the window doesn’t have the same impact as it normally would.

We tried these for a few days at a time, sometimes wearing them all day, and others off and on for a couple of hours. We also took a few days off every once in awhile just to see if there was some sort of placebo effect happening. Suffice it to say, these are exactly what they set out to be.

It took us all of three days to find ourselves reaching for them the moment we hit the office. The first couple of days told us they were working, but we wanted to ensure it wasn’t in our head. After a couple of off days we were getting anxious to put them back on. They were not only comfortable, but seemed to be helping us in little ways.

Results will vary from person to person, but the benefits are legit. We’re not here to evangelize the product, but side effects can include better sleep, reduced eye strain, improved focus, and fewer headaches. We experienced a little bit of all of these and a lot of some of these.

Time and again we got to the end of our day without anxiousness, irritability, and mental fatigue. It’s quite strange to realize what you do to your body on a regular basis.

You know how great you feel when you come off of an illness? You feel like a million bucks, right? That’s how you are supposed to feel when you’re not sick.  That’s your every day. The same effect happened for us when we were wearing the glasses regularly. We felt remarkably better than on the days when we don’t wear them.

Is it all in our heads? Maybe a little bit. But, we had to ask ourselves how we felt at the end of work days. On days when we didn’t wear them, we often ended up having to blink through blurred vision or rub our eyes and temples from the strain.

To be clear, these aren’t a perfect scenario and aren’t going to change your life.  You won’t come away immediately feeling like you’ve been healed of all your ailments. Really, it likely comes down to your lifestyle.

If you wear prescription glasses, you’ll have to make sure to order the proper reading magnification. Contact wearers need not worry, though. Almost all models are available in at least two colors, prescription or not. Moreover, you can opt for a slight magnification, too

With prices starting around $100, these are definitely something we’d recommend to those of you who work at a desktop. You could get away with other, cheaper types of glasses but these are a more fashionable alternative. A lot of the models are unisex and can be shared with members of the family or co-workers on different shifts.

Find yourself going from the computer to the phone on a commute and then to a TV for a few hours before crashing? Give these a try. There’s a 30-day return policy so that’s more than enough time to see if they work for your needs.

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