FlyGrip Gravity (2013 Edition)

Here at AndroidGuys, we’re no stranger to the FlyGrip, an amazing one-handed accessory that doubles as a device holder and kickstand. Our own amazing writer Dustin Karnes has reviewed and featured the original FlyGrip (here), so it’s only fair we at AndroidGuys follow up to show you the improvements to the all new FlyGrip Gravity.

Color Options

The FlyGrip Gravity Line has just about any color you can think of and amazing patterns too! Check them out here.


Amazing product, very durable, helps hold your device, and is very fun to use!!! The magnetic enhancement is really great and helps vs. the FlyGrip 1.0 Original.


The one drawback, (and really just about the only thing) that I dislike about the FlyGrip is the difficulty of switching to different cases and devices. One thing that FlyGrip could improve on is adding a modular locking accessory that uses their strong adhesive bond that you can buy for all of your cases and devices, and switch FlyGrip case to case, device to device for the cases and devices you’d need your FlyGrip on most often.

For those who really need FlyGrip on all of their devices around the house, it can be pretty pricey to buy FlyGrips for the cases/devices you use most. FlyGrip however does provide additional strong adhesives for switching devices and cases, however for those who use different cases quite often, maintaining use of your FlyGrip on all devices is not always possible without breaking the bank. Don’t get me wrong, the FlyGrip is without a doubt worth the investment, but you have some things to consider for those who want to use this on multiple devices.


Here’s an excerpt from Dustin’s review of the FlyGrip original, the same basics remain true for the FlyGrip Gravity to the FlyGrip original besides the strength and magnetic enhancements, and tablet enhancements.

“Have a big phone? A big tablet? Little hands? Slippery hands? You need a Flygrip…This device has not only made it so that I can use the device with one hand, but it allows me to simply keep a better grip on it, even when I’m using it with two hands. And one-handed swyping? This thing makes it a breeze…

Boy, have times changed. Dustin was struggling a bit with his Galaxy S2’s screen, well today Dustin has the Galaxy S4, which increases the size of his screen from 4.2″-4.45″ (depending on his Galaxy S2 variant) to 5″! With smartphone screen sizes getting larger every year (Why, phone manufacturers, why?), FlyGrip comes in to save the day!

This product does not harm your device, the 3M adhesive is not difficult to remove from your device when you need to and will not damage the back of your phone, tablet, or cases. For those worried about about the magnetic clasp harming your device or interfering with radio signals, that’s not an issue with FlyGrip’s Gravity!

I’ve tried many different FlyGrip competitors that have a similar concept, but aren’t nearly as durable as the FlyGrip and FlyGrip Gravity, so it’s worth the investment.

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