Do you find yourself spending a lot of time driving to and from work or as part of your job? What are you doing with your smartphone when you’re behind the wheel? Surely you aren’t texting, right? Where do you put the handset when not in use? What about when you need turn-by-turn navigation?

If you’re the type of person who needs their phone to be within reach or visible for GPS use, you’ll likely want to pick up a dashboard mount of some sort. One brand we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing over the years, Scosche, currently has some pretty great options to consider.

We recently spent time with a few of the products in the MagicMount Pro line of car accessories. As of today there are three designs to choose from, each with its own unique feature. All, however, offer the same functionality at their core.


Each comes with MagicPlate options that add a very strong, magnetic backing to the phone. Be it under the battery cover or under the phone case, it sticks together quite nicely with the magnetic mount (MagicMount) plate. Even on bumpy roads or railroad tracks, the phone stays secure and in place.

As to the differences between the various MagicMount Pro series, it’s pretty straightforward. Do you want to place your phone on the dashboard, hang it from the windshield, or over top a vent? Once you know that, you have but one option to consider. But, while they do have a particular design, they are flexible and, to a degree, customizable, too.

MagicMount Pro Vent: This vent mount is the perfect on-the-go solution within the MagicMount family. Not only does it easily slide from vent to vent, this mount also doubles as a kickstand. Approx: $30


MagicMount Pro Dash: Being able to angle your smartphone just how you want it is easy. With a 360° swivel mount and soft rubber locking nut, adjust your MagicMount precisely to the angle of display that works best for you to view. Whether on your car dashboard, work desk or nightstand, get the perfect position. Approx: $30

MagicMount Pro Window/Dash: The window/dash mount suctions to nearly any surface with the suction cup. The StickGrip suction cup creates a secure hold on windows and textured dashboards so you can mount your device wherever you want it. If the StickGrip ever loses its grip, simply rinse the suction cup off with lukewarm water, shake and let air dry. Approx: $40

We’ve tested each of these out across various smartphones, cars, and configurations. Suffice it to say, each works as expected and complements the vehicle at the same time. In fact, we’d say almost too good in some cases.

Yep, Scosche has power solutions, too.

Do know that once you’ve placed the magnetic backing under your case or battery cover, it’s not coming off very nicely. We’ve bent ours into all sorts of strange shapes trying to remove it. Keep this in mind if you plan to upgrade soon, or often.

For those of you who don’t like the grey and black trim rings, Scosche does offer some other colors that match the iPhone. And, yes, each of these kits are interchangeable; feel free to mix and match across multiple vehicles.

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  1. This product sounds like something straight out of a spy movie! I like the idea of the magnetic backing, as I feel like this would a lot easier than a sticky adhesive or anything like that. Thanks for sharing!

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