I’d like to turn your attention a company called GiqueGear (pronounced Geek Gear)and their Smart Station carrying case/phone stand hybrid.  These guys have come up with what I think is a unique approach to protecting and carrying your Android handset.

I was somewhat hesitant to try out a new product from a start-up accessory company because I had no idea what to expect.  Would it be poorly designed or use cheap materials?  Would it fall apart after a couple weeks of use?  Going in, I lowered my expectations.  Jump to two weeks later and I have a new favorite desktop companion.  

In terms of materials, I was impressed with the build quality of the Smart Station.  The zippers are solid, the leather-like material is very soft, and the velcro is strong.  I’m not sure what GiqueGear uses internally to keep the case from bending or creasing, but it’s crazy strong.  I tried, unsuccessfully, to bend and break the walls with slightly more strain that one might give it in the real world.  I found that I was pushing and pressing considerably harder than normal to get it to fold but it didn’t.  Should you drop your phone or bump it up against something in the car, office, or home, you need not worry about your handset inside.

Inside one side of the pouch are two slots for credit cards, cash, hotel keys, etc.  On the other side, one finds a small mesh pocket used for holding phones in place, in portrait mode.  My EVO 4G fits snugly in the pouch but there’s still room for a slightly wider or taller phone.  GiqueGear shows the Smart Station holding phones on their website using the back side flap, but I can attest that it also works well for tablets.  Yes, I know this was not designed for the tablets whatsoever, however this is what my Galaxy Tab 10.1 sits in until the official accessories arrive.

Customers have two design options to choose between when purchasing the Smart Station.  One features the GiqueGear logo while the other is a large familiar Android.  If you have an Android phone, the choice is obvious. But for those we’re still trying to convert from BlackBerry or iPhone, the other works well.  If I had one complaint it would be that the logo is too large on the front.  I’d like to see it roughly half the size it is today, but it’s trivial, and certainly not a deal-breaker.

I’ve embedded a handful of images of the Smart Station in action as well as a video from GiqueGear.


GiqueGear sells the Smart Station for $24.95 each.  With Father’s Day coming up, I can imagine you know a geek or two who might benefit from such a case.  Be sure to listen to Monday night’s AndroidGuys Weekly podcast as we’ll be giving a few of these away!  We’ve got a half dozen in the office, ready to find a new home!

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  1. Excellent product. I’ve been using this for about a months now. I strongly suggest this to smart phone users. A++

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