I learned a tough lesson this year with my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and it’s one most of you already know; dropping your cell phone sometimes results in cracks on the glass display. In the case of the S7 edge, it can also result in cracks on the back of the phone as well.

I rarely ever used cases on my smartphones in the past. I almost never dropped them, and even if I did, they never cracked as the falls were usually from sitting down when they slip out of my pocket. After almost a decade of owning smartphones, I cracked my first smartphone and it was the S7 edge. It was kind of a freak accident. Sitting outside at a picnic table, the smooth S7 edge slipped out of my atheletic pants and fell. As a result of the fall on the edge, was a spiderweb of cracks that ruined the IP68 rating as well as the look of my beautiful device.


Insurance isn’t an option for me as I never opt to buy it for my devices. Insurance has gotten much more expensive for smartphones over the last five years, and with deductible fees and all of the fine print on what is and isn’t covered, were enough for me to avoid them.

To replace the glass on my cracked S7 edge would cost over $250. Considering I could buy a brand new S7 edge for $600-700 off contract it just wasn’t worth the money. Instead I covered it up with a skin from dbrand so I never have to look at the cracks again.

The take home lesson for me, is I should have bought a case for this phone. Cases range in price from $5-100, they come in all shapes and sizes, and most importantly they protect and prevent cracking the glass.

Caselogy cases

If you are a regular user of smartphone cases there is a good chance you know Caseology. It is a company based just north of me in Cerritos, CA. The company profile says it is made up of ordinary people like you and me who have the desire to do the extraordinary.

They make cell phone cases, how extraordinary does that get?

While cell phone cases are very ordinary, Caseology adds in the “extra” factor. I see the “extra” in the two example cases I was sent to protect my all glass Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which I will not make the mistake of going case free again.

I’ve tested quite a few cases from other reputable brands, and while they checked all of the boxes of protection, I never left them on my phones because I ended up not liking them for a multitude of reasons.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve found cases that I have no problem recommending to everyone.

Caseology Skyfall Galaxy Note 7 case – $12.99 at Amazon, $24.99 at Caseology


Caseology’s Skyfall case is perfect for those who want to show off their beautiful Galaxy Note 7s and protect it at the same time. In the image above you can see it is clear as glass. Even though it is 100% optically clear and free of defects, it is made from plastic. The sides are silver, although it does come in gold, black and rose gold as well. DSC03596Those silver sides are soft on the inside which offers drop protection, and the button slots are clear which allows the gold accent to show through from the Note 7.

Every cutout lines up perfectly for each slot – microphone, 3.5mm audio jack, USB C charging port, speaker and of course the stylus.

Caseology managed to design the case so that it doesn’t change the way you eject the stylus from the Note 7, and while it may seem like a small issue, this is where the designers went the “extra” distance. I’ve already tested out other cases that do impede the stylus, and for those of you who use it regularly like I do, you want a case like this. Adding difficultly to ejecting the stylus is enough for me to eject a case from my life.


Above I stated that the case is perfectly clear. This allows you to show off the natural beauty of the Note 7, but my only issue is that it draws fingerprints just like any other clear surface. As long as you don’t touch the inside of the cover when installing the case, you can wipe off the back with a soft cloth to make it clean and clear once again.

Design, attention to detail, high quality look and feel set this Skyfall case apart from the crowd. The best part of the case though is its incredible price at just $12.99 at Amazon. I could buy 20 of these cases for the cost of the broken glass replacement from Samsung, and if you’ve ever had glass replaced, it rarely works like it did when it was new.

Caseology Wavelength Galaxy Note 7 case – $15.99 at Amazon, $24.99 at Caseology


I’m a big fan of the Wavelength series case from Caseology. It’s a two piece case that is made up of a soft rubber covering, with a rigid second piece that holds it in place around the phone. While maintaining a slim profile, it manages to bring in features like a full front lip on the front to protect the screen as well rigidity found in bulkier cases.


The outside and inside are texturized with lines that give this case the ultimate grip factor. The Note 7 is a small form factor with a phone of its display size, but it is still large making it hard to grip with the smooth sides and back. When I used my Note 7 case free for the first day, I never felt safe holding it in one hand. That led me to grip it tighter than I would have liked, which lead to a few aches in my hand.


The Wavelength case feels extremely tough while providing the grip that gives me confidence to hold this phone with less force. Just like with the Skyfall series, all of the cutouts and buttons line up perfectly with the Note 7.


Priced at $15.99 on Amazon, you really can’t go wrong with this case. It’s durable, affordable and very well designed. I prefer the black color for this case, although it does come in black/gold, coral pink, mint green and navy blue to suit your individual taste.



Caseology is a brand you can trust and might be a brand you already trust. Its products frequently sit atop the ranks at Amazon and these two examples show the “extra” that Caseology adds to ordinary. Design, price, and protection all score perfect marks in this review and I suggest you keep your Note 7 protected to prevent damage like I encountered with my Galaxy S7 edge.

Learn more at Caseology.com.

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  1. Caseology is my favorite brand of cases. I have a HTC 10 now and they haven’t come out with a case ffor it or i’d have one on it.

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