Looking for something different to purchase as a graduation gift or present for someone who seemingly has it all? You may want to check out the GoDice Smart Connected Dice.

From the makers of GoCube comes a six-piece set of dice each of which has an internal battery and connectivity. Paired to your phone, it’s a fun way of playing some of your favorite dice games.

Simply open up the app and pick the games you want to play, add in the names of those participating, and you’re off. Each person can roll the dice and the app will automatically tabulate scores.

Each of the dice has its own color which is easily identified in games. That is to say it knows that the red and blue dice rolled a ‘5’ while the others rolled a ‘2’. Now you’ve got a full house in Yatzy.

There are a number of games (10+) to choose from in the GoDice app with new titles being added over time. And, thanks to the portable carrying case, these dice travel very well. It’s all you need to pass the time while waiting on dinner or sharing drinks with friends.

Battery life is really impressive at around two hours per charge. Furthermore, each die can be charged under 10 seconds. That’s it. Maybe a full minute is all it takes to charge up the entire set and you’re good to go. There’s no cable to carry around or need to charge the base itself as a AAA battery is tucked inside and should last you a long time.

In addition to the six dice, the $120 bundle comes with its charging case, a velvet pouch, and a tablet stand.

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  1. Dear Androidguys,

    BEAWARE if you buy this GoDice
    I’ve written more than 8 emails to GoDice support and it’s been months and it still not solved.
    This is really disappointing, after all my emails attempts, I get the feeling, it’s fire and forget form GoCube/GoDice support!
    see bug report:

    Bug Report
    ID number #005
    Name George.W

    Reporter ing. George >W
    Submit Date 01/07/2022

    Summary: As an early backer I want to install GoDice.app on my iPad Air so that I can play with my GoDice.
    URL Download from :https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/godice/id1609938803
    Platform Apple Macintosh iPad Air – modelnumber: MD785HC/B
    Operating System – iOS SoftWare version: 12.5.5

    Severity Major
    Assigned to Defect and Bug management GoCube/GoDice
    Priority High

    After installing GoDice.app, it open and closes after 5 seconds.
    Steps to reproduce
    > select GoDice.app from Apple app.store
    > Search and download GoDice.app
    > After downloading, select GoDice.app

    Expected result
    expected result GoDice open and I can play
    Actual result
    GoDice screen open and closes after 5 seconds GoDice.app

    This is really disappointing, after all my emails attempts, I get the feeling, it’s fire and forget form GoCube/GoDice support!
    This is not how to treat your early backer!


  2. Hi George,

    Thank you for your comment.
    As we discussed earlier this week, most 12.5.x iPads work flawlessly with our product.
    There is a smaller group that doesn’t handle our app well and we are investigating why this is happening to try and find a solution.
    In general, we do recommend updating the OS to 13.0 and up to avoid this issue completely.


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