Spend some time walking around an appliance or electronics store and you’ll see an increasing number of devices termed “smart” or “connected”. Be it a refrigerator, washing machine, wireless speaker, lamp, or something else, there’s a growing movement.

We were sent the Gourmia GTA2800, which is one of, if not the, first connected air fryers. Indeed, this all-in-one appliance promises to cook a wide variety of foods and types, supported by a mobile app. Here’s our review of the Gourmia GTA2800.

Air frying has fast become one of our favorite ways to cook a lot of common items. Rather than relying on oil, these devices circulate incredibly hot air around the food to cook, crisp, and warm. Temperatures can reach into the hundreds of degrees (up to 450 here) and provide a great alternative to using oil. Not only does it keep food from feeling greasy, it doesn’t smell up the house with that fried stench that lingers.

We’ve used a standard air fryer for the last year or so, having come to rely on it almost weekly for various meals or sides. We were already very familiar with this sort of device prior to receiving the Gourmia GTA2800.

The first thing we noticed was how big the GTA2800 is by comparison. It occupies almost twice as much as space as our current unit. Given the $280 price tag we figured it would be bigger and offer more features; it certainly is and certainly does.

Weighing in at just under 18 pounds, this air fryer eats up your counter space. Moreover, if you have cupboards above, you might have difficulty fully opening the unit. We had to move ours to an area where there was nothing above otherwise we couldn’t get it to click and stay open. The lid needs a good foot or so to open completely.

The front panel houses an LED display with numbers and symbols which show things like temperature, cooking time, fan speed, and more. You’ll also find two rows of icons for a variety of presets for food types. These are designed to be quick start “set it and forget it” options for things like chicken, dried fruit, pizza, and even steak.

Gourmia accessoriesThe GTA2800 comes with just about anything you’d ever need to air fry, roast, and or bake. Included are baking pans, a kebab wheel, rotisserie spit, a basket, and more. The fryer also came with instructions and recipes to help get started or find some inspiration.

It’s entirely possible to open the box, set up, and be cooking inside of five minutes. If you’re following instructions on the side of a bag of popcorn chicken, you just need to pick the desired temperature and time. Start with presets, though, if you’re creating from scratch or doing something homemade.

Over the last few weeks we cooked a host of different foods, including chicken, tater tots, potatoes, and vegetables. The experience has been pleasurable if not straight forward. Gourmia holds your hand without making you feel like an idiot along the way.

As far as the “connected” side of things is concerned, though, we didn’t use it all that much. Not for a lack of remembering, but more of a lack of need. In short, there’s not much in the mobile app that demands attention or adds to the overall experience.

Aside from being able to trigger the air fryer to start and stop, the app is little more than a mobile version of the LED panel and buttons. The presets are nice, but if you’re at the fryer and putting food in, you’re just as likely to push the buttons or start the frying.

The app does offer an up-to-date display of the air fryer’s status, including remaining time. This is admittedly helpful for when you put something in longer term and can’t get back to the kitchen just to peek. We liked the app for starting up and then monitoring while we set out for a few quick errands.

It would have been cool to physically see the food from a remote vantage but getting a camera into the fryer is likely a tricky feat. We felt that sentiment more when experimenting with our own recipes and foods. Using the presets and suggestions, though, there was never really a need to see. In short, trust the system.

We might have also appreciated some hooks with Google Home, Alexa, or IFTTT. Maybe something as simple as flashing a few lights or changing their colors when the fryer is done. This area seems a logical one to improve upon or work on.

The Gourmia GTA2800 is an excellent device and has already completely replaced the old air fryer in our household. In fact, we’ve been slowly trying to use it over the toaster oven as of late, too. We suspect that we’ll be removing it from the counter before long as there’s little need for it outside of toasting bread, bagels, and rolls.

The $280 price point might scare some away, which we totally get. In fact, were we to make a recommendation based, we might suggest saving a little money and opting for the non-connected version. At least until other features are baked in down the road.

Gourmia is a brand we’ve not had any experience with in the past but, in looking at its portfolio, we’d definitely consider it for future needs. The air fryer is user friendly, solidly built, and packed with options.

You can learn more about the GTA2800 at Gourmia’s website; it’s available for purchase through Amazon for $279.99.

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