[dropcaps]G[/dropcaps]rovemade describes their products as “beautiful products from quality materials.” If their wooden laptop stands are an accurate representation of this ethos, then it’s safe to say the Portland, Oregon company backs up their words in spades. We received the maple model (walnut is also available) and were immediately impressed by the stand’s look and design.maple-desk-collection-laptop-stand-gal-G1_1_600x600_90

The first thing one notices is the angled platform, a creative and ergonomic twist that, after a week or so of use, becomes appreciated when using the stand while seated, standing, or laying in bed. The angle makes it easier on your wrists to type and see what you’re typing (try this: tilt your flat keyboard right now up a few degrees towards you) and the upward angle of the monitor itself makes so much sense that your dear reviewer is keeping this stand for personal use.

Here’s some more technical info so I can get to the design part: This stand is super-lightweight. I couldn’t find its weight on the website specs but it weighs less than some textbooks. There’s an aluminum stopper at the bottom of the stand to hold your laptop in place. There’s enough space under the stand to store an external hard drive, chargers, or anything else you might need to keep handy but out of the way.

maple-desk-collection-laptop-stand-grid-A2_1_600x600_90Beyond function, this stand is just stylish. The maple perfectly matched my desk which increased my office area’s cool points by 100. No words could match just taking a look at the lovely photos of this unit.

Some readers might’ve seen similar stands before or even this specific model, but this was new to me, and even when I first took it out of the box I didn’t appreciate it all the way. “What am I gonna write about a laptop stand?” I said. But now after sitting with the stand for a while, I can truly appreciate what Grovemade has done here. Style meets function.

Their website lists the stand for $119, and at that price I give it a strong recommendation as an investment in your work-space and workflow.

– Chris S.

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