Looking to extend the time period between charges of your Samsung Galaxy S4 but don’t want to bulk up? Consider the new Halo S4 case from Lenmar. Thanks to its internal 2600mAh battery, you’ll essentially double the time you stay away from a charger.

Not simply just a battery, it’s also a clean (white) and stylish case that protects the phones edges and back. Indeed, there are cut-outs for headphones, microUSB, microphone, and camera. You won’t have to worry about anything proprietary or awkward for charging, it’s the same port. In fact, you get an extra microUSB cord in the box.

One of the features we liked best about the Lenmar solution is that it’s NFC-capable. We’ve seen extended life batteries from other companies that leave this option out. Depending on what your usage is like, the lack of NFC could be a dealbreaker.

The Halo S4 case is actually comprised of multiple parts: a battery housing and the shell case (NFC found here). You’ll remove the back from your handset and use the Lenmar case for protection. The battery is placed inside a separate battery unit and the combined unit goes back into the phone. Slap the back on and you’re good to go!


We did find the case to be a bit more slippery than we would have liked. What’s more, it liked to grab smudges and oil, which could make things even worse. Putting the case on was relatively easy though we did have to snap some seams together on a second pass around the case. Our recommendation here is for a textured back and possibly a second color choice.

Overall we were impressed with the case as it didn’t add too much weight or thickness. We were concerned it might have wonky weight distribution but that never proved to be the case. A few quibbles aside, it’s certainly something we’d suggest for those who spend their days on the go.

The Lenmar Halo Galaxy S4 case retails with a suggested price of $59.99 and includes a 1 year warranty. We did a quick check and found a number of retailers offering the unit, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Fry’s.

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  1. This is a smart concept to replace the original battery back shell to shave thickness and weight. Better than the usual concepts and the assembly process doesn’t seem too complicated as well.

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