The days of wired headphones are limited with more options of Bluetooth headsets. I’ve been using the HAVIT Bluetooth 4.1 wireless sport headphones for the last two weeks and honestly had low expectations. They are currently priced at just $26.99 with free 2-day shipping at, and with my experience in headphones, you normally get what you pay for. But in rare cases, you sometimes get so much more than you were expecting, and that’s what I got with the HAVIT wireless sport headphones.



At first inspection, the HAVIT wireless sport headphones don’t really look “sporty”. They are not brightly colored nor do they look small. You get two earpieces which are about the size of a two U.S. Nickles and are connected by a single cable with a rubber coating. The two earpieces are made from plastic, and the right earpiece is the one that contains the brains – the volume up/down buttons, on/off switch, charging port and Bluetooth connection button. The left earpiece is identical in design, it just doesn’t have any built in controls.


On the right earpiece you will also find the tiny holes that house the dual microphones that allow you to make wireless calls. There is absolutely nothing fascinating about the design, but they are actually very well built. The buttons are in logical places, seams match up quite nicely, and the charging port is accessible and out of the way from any potential sweat that may harm the headphones if you were to wear them while working out.

And although they look large, there are small protruding earpieces which fit directly into your ear canal. And those earpieces are actually rather light weight.


Honestly I wasn’t expecting much when it came to sound quality. But with my first listening attempt with Charlie Puth’s Marvin Gaye, I was instantly surprised at how great these Bluetooth headphones performed. In the YouTube video of Charlie Puth’s song, it opens up with a drum scene and my ears could instantly feel the drum roll. And then the music comes to life with a full range of bass, decent mids, and clear highs.

Bluetooth music suffers to its wired counterpart when it comes to sound quality, but the gap is getting much smaller as time progresses. What helps sound quality dramatically is the type of seal you get with the earpieces. The HAVIT wireless sport headphones block out almost all outside sound with the silicon tips it provides out of the box. They’re extremely comfortable and can be worn for hours. I know they can because I wore them on a two and a half hour flight last week. With the great seal and improvement in Bluetooth technology, the sound is actually really great and most importantly these headphones are fun to listen to.


I also was not expecting much in terms of call quality. The microphones are built into the right earpiece so you won’t have a mic hanging down in front of your face which is nice. In my recent experience with wireless headsets, I haven’t had much luck with superior call quality.

Until now. HAVIT uses Bluetooth 4.1 and CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology which actually works well. While walking my dog and while hanging out with her at the dog park I took a few calls to give this tech a try. I asked my test subjects if I sounded loud and clear, and all four of them answered with a unanimous yes.

My only real complaint with these headphones is the volume doesn’t get as loud as I sometimes need. Gyms can be very loud at times with music blasting in the background, weights clanking, and with people talking. It can sometimes push my volume needs a little beyond what most people would listen to, and to a level that probably isn’t good for my ears. But when I work out I need to block out all outside sound. There were times when I could still hear outside noise which sometimes left me desiring more volume.

Other than that, the battery life is great at five to six hours of use, build quality is better than I expected, and the light-weight is a great factor when wearing these. They feel no heavier than my custom in ear monitors and are comfortable to use.


Bluetooth version: V4.1 + EDR
Operating Range: 10M
Talk time: about 6.5h
Charging length: about 2h
Music Duration: about 6h
Voice prompts: Support
Channel: two-channel stereo
Support Agreement: A2DP / HFP / HSP / AVRVP
Functions: answer / end / reject / redial, mute, volume control / switch songs, multi-point links, music, noise cancelling
Charger Port: Micro USB


For $26.99 the HAVIT Bluetooth 4.1 wireless sport headphones are an absolute steal. I definitely was not expecting much with the price I paid, but was happily surprised that the headphones offer exceptional sound with a high quality build. Materials were nothing to write home about, but everything else was worthy. If you are on a budget, or if you don’t want to waste money on a good set of headphones to use at the gym or on a run, I can highly recommend the HAVIT Bluetooth 4.1 wireless sport headphones. Especially when they are priced at just $26.99.

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