If you’re a small business owner looking to use your Nexus 7 (2013) as a payment system, you may want to check this out. The Heckler Design WindFall Stand is sturdy, sleek, and offers premium security for your premium tablet. It’s specifically designed for point-of-sale use in business settings, and not much more than that.

We’ve tested this stand for a few weeks, so let’s take a closer look.


Heckler design nexus 7 3

The design of this stand is absolutely beautiful. It’s made from Powdercoated Steel with a sleek finish, and blends in with the tablet quite nicely. What’s more to say? This thing is gorgeous.

There are four tamper-resistant screws that hold the device in place, securing the rear brackets to the tablet. The tablet has a snug fit once it’s in the stand, so there’s no wiggle room to worry about.

The only gripe we found when using this stand is it is quite difficult to remove the tablet, even if we have the correct tools. We suppose it’s somewhat of a good thing, for security purposes. So if your business is looking to purchase this, hopefully you’re okay with keeping the tablet in the stand every night.

Other than that, all of the buttons and ports are accessible, so we’d say this is a really well-designed stand.


Heckler design nexus 7 4

This stand performs great. It’s extremely sturdy, and at a hefty 2 pounds, it feels much more premium than anything else we’ve tested. This stand is compatible with the PivotTable, PivotTrack, and Kensington ClickSafe (sold separately), allowing you to feel great about walking away from it for a little while.

It also performs especially well when the friction feet are stuck to the bottom. For mobile payments, we tested our stand with the Square card reader, though it’s compatible with a ton of others.

Overall, the WindFall stand functions just like you’d hope it would. It’s sturdy and offers compatibility with a ton of locks and cables.


Heckler design nexus 7 2

This stand is a great value for small businesses looking to offer quick payments to their customers. If you’re thinking of picking one up, remember that it’s a bit difficult to get the tablet in and out of the stand. However, once it’s secured, it’s not going anywhere.

The WindFall stand will run you $89 directly from the Heckler Design site, and unfortunately doesn’t come with many extras. The price is a bit steep for our liking, but it’s one heck of a stand.

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