Headphones can be an expensive purchase depending on what you’re looking for. I don’t know about you, but $100 to $200 headphones is out of my budget. Even if it was in my budget, I’m not sure I would go out and buy a pair without doing some extensive research, I mean it’s a big price when perhaps there are cheaper alternatives.


Many smaller companies offer headphones that not only look amazing but also have quality sound at a much more reasonable price. Often times they get overshadowed by big companies that have bigger budgets to showcase its products.

Fortunately, we live in the world of Amazon, which means smaller companies with smaller budgets have the opportunity to be seen. Operating with only an Amazon storefront means better visibility with less overhead; this allows those companies to compete with bigger brands. It also affords potential consumers easier comparative shopping with lots of reviews at their fingertips.

Today, I have two headphones to review from one of those companies: HiGoing. This brand has a couple of those quality headphones which are priced more in line with my tastes.


HiGoing Wireless Stereo Workout Headsets

HiGoing’s workout headphones are in-ear buds designed with intense workouts in mind. They have a two-foot-long tangle free cord that is not only strong and durable but also fits nicely into the included hardshell case. To ensure the right fit for your ears, you are provided with the traditional small, medium, and large ear tips.

The body of the of these headphones is built from a nice soft rubber with a matte finish. On the sides, it has beautiful brushed aluminium with HiGoing’s logo on it and a silver power button. I have to say it, though, the logo could use a little work.


On top of the right ear, there are two buttons that control volume and skip tracks which are quick to respond and easy to press. On the inside of the right ear’s body is the tiny microphone hole. The microphone quality is okay, but I wouldn’t rely on it as a daily talking device.

Finishing out the body are ear hooks that easily and comfortably fit around your ear. This is ideal for rigorous workout routines as you don’t want them falling out.

Inserting these in my ears for the first time, I thought it wasn’t going to be loud enough because it wasn’t deep in my ear. I’ve had this issue before with similar styles where you have to get it in the right position to get better volume. As it turns out, volume wasn’t an issue at all; they had plenty.


They have excellent battery life and take only a couple of hours to top off with a microUSB cord (included). At decent volume levels, around 70%, you can last 7-9 hours easily. The Bluetooth connects by just turning on the headphones and has a reach of around 30 feet.

Let’s face it, a good workout means one thing: sweat. Some of us sweat more than others, but none of us want that ruining our headphones. HiGoing’s headphones have an IPX4 rating, which means you can’t go swimming with them, buy it’s certainly protected from sweat.

Sound is where it really counts so let’s discuss how it stacks up. These headphones are a bit on the bass-y side. It doesn’t necessarily reach the level of distortion, though, so it’s no deal breaker. It’s more prevalent in some songs than others, so results will vary. The highs and mids are more on the transparent side. Overall, and considering $22 price tag, these are great workout headphones to buy.


You can buy HiGoing Wireless Stereo Workout Headsets in one of three different colors: Red/Gold, Black/Gray or Red/Gray.

Buy HiGoing’s workout headphones

New Bee

Yunyida’s New Bee headphones are sold exclusively on HiGoing’s Amazon page. These on-ear headphones are a nice bang-for-the-buck pair when it comes to Bluetooth headphones. They have a nice build that is smooth to the touch and features a matte finished soft rubber shell. The ear cups have a soft padding that is great for long term wear so you can avoid that soreness on the outer ear that some headphones leave you with.

These headphones have a foldable and adjustable headband for easy storage and easy fit. For extra comfort, they have padding at the top. The ear cups are connected to a swiveling piece at the bottom of the headband. This piece is made out of plastic that has a slight sheen to it without looking cheap. Since the ear cups swivel, it creates a better fit no matter who is wearing them.


On the side of the right ear cup, you’ll find four buttons that control power/phone call, two volume buttons that double as skip tracks, and play/pause. All the controls are easy to press, which is more than I can say for others I have used.

On the bottom of the right ear cup, you will find a USB port, 3.5mm jack, and a small hole for the microphone. I’m not gonna say the phone call quality was excellent, but it’s sufficient being that you probably won’t be using it primarily for this purpose.

New Bee’s Bluetooth connects quickly by turning on the headphones, and the light at the bottom of the headphones will flash blue and red. Listening range is typical of any other Bluetooth device, around 30 feet, and it works flawlessly for me.

Let’s discuss battery life. The company boasts that this 800mAh battery can do 45 hours of playback time, 60 hours of phone calls, and 180 days of standby time. I can’t attest to the phone calls time as I’m not sure I even talk on the phone 60 hours in a year, and it would have been wrong to hold on to these for 180 days before getting around to the review.


In the time I have had these, I’ve only charged once, and I didn’t fully charge them. I have listened to about 10 hours of music off and on and had roughly 30 minutes of talk time, and I’m still on the same charge. It may not go the full 45 hours, but feel confident in saying it will last plenty long enough for average users.

Since these headphones are foldable, they are compact and easy to take along with you. Thankfully, they come with a roomy clamshell hard case for protection in your bag. Inside this case are the instruction manual, microUSB cable, and a 3.5mm cord. While you certainly don’t always need a case it is nice to have one to protect investments.

Overall, New Bee has a sound that is full, with tight bass and transient mids and highs. It makes for incredible listening sessions, and for $35, these headphones are a steal.

Other features in the New Bee included NFC for quick and easy pairing and an app for tracking steps while wearing. You can buy New Bee headphones in one of three different colors: Red, Brown, or Black.

Buy New Bee headphones from Amazon



We’re giving you a chance to win a pair of headphones from Higoing and AndroidGuys. In fact, we’re helping to give out two pairs, one of each model. We’ll give away brown version of the on-ear and a black set of the in-ear units.

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  1. The black over the ear New Bee headphones look good. I’m impressed that they have NFC capability.

    Good luck everyone and thank you Android Guys.

  2. I’ve actually looked at the on Amazon. I love the free version best. My Motorola s-9 are getting a little old with the Battery life not being nearly as bid as when they were new.

  3. I’ve been wanting headphones for awhile. The HiGoing HD Sound Stereo Bluetooth Headphones would be a great choice.

  4. I am loving the in the ear set. I use earphones while weeding the garden and the stupid things are always dropping out. Your pair you reviewed look like they would stay in!

  5. I have been looking for a pair of reasonable headphones and these in ear look like exactly the kind that I would like. Thanks for the helpful review. Now if only, I could get them for free… Help a poor college kid out! :)

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