House of Marley isn’t your typical audio manufacturer. Yes, it focuses on high quality sound like others do, but that isn’t the only thing. Equally as important to the company is that its product make a minimal impact to the Earth. It uses eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing, such as recycled plastics and metals.


HoM was kind of enough to let us take its rugged Bluetooth speaker for a spin – the Chant Sport. One may think that an eco-friendly device may beg for some compromise. Nope. This is a solid package that offers a lot. Let’s check it out.

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The Chant Sport has a cylindrical design, like the UE Boom 2 we reviewed recently. Although, it’s slightly shorter and wider than the UE’s speaker. I like that, because it’s more stable on a flat surface.


The Chant’s build is mostly constructed from bio-plastic and silicone. It merely feels like hard plastic, but if you look closely, you can see some of the blended materials. There are also accents of recycled aluminum around the black grating where the speakers shoot out audio.

The very top is lined with a circular rubber piece, where the speaker controls reside. You simply have small buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, and volume up/down. There’s also a tiny hole for microphone support.

On the back, a fabric loop hangs from the top, for using a carabiner clip (included in packaging) to attach the speaker to a travel bag. Under it is a rubber tab that seals up the microUSB port (for charging) and aux port for the optional wired audio input.

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There’s more than meets the eye in the Chant Sport’s design. It’s sealed up tightly, with a IPX7 water resistance rating (up to one meter for 30 minutes). What’s more, it’s designed with buoyancy. So you won’t lose it if it decides to take a dive.

The internal battery has a 1,800mAh capacity and is rated for around 8 hours of playback (+/- based on the volume level). MoH includes a microUSB to USB cable, but not an AC adapter.

It’s easy to get up and running. As soon as you power on the unit (holding down on the power button for a couple seconds), it will be in discover-mode. Simply find and on your mobile device and pair. If you want to connect a different audio source, hold down on the Bluetooth button and repeat. As usual, there’s LEDs that signify the speaker’s status.



The audio is delivered by two 4.5W, 1.75″ drivers. They’re aimed at opposite directions of the cylinder. This is why I like the cylindrical design, it allows the sound to cover 360 degrees.

HoM says there are also two accompanying “passive radiators”. These help obtain a deeper bass reproduction (the drivers don’t cover the sub-bass frequency region just by themselves). I would call that fairly successful. I mean, you don’t get an extended bass definition (which may bug bassheads), but there is a presence. It’s punchy, yet smooth.

I also appreciate the prominent mid-range. Things like vocals and guitar strums sound in-your-face (in a good way). I think the audio quality is strongest in this region. Treble is a close-second. It’s not as forward as the mids are, but the quality is great.

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Final Thoughts


I think MoH did a great thing overall with the Chant Sport. In the sea of Bluetooth speakers, it holds it own. Despite the eco-friendly effort, durability is top-notch and the sound quality honors the “Marley” name that it carries. I wish that more manufacturers would follow suit.

The Chant Sport retails for $119, but you can currently find it for $79 on Amazon. I personally think that’s a great deal for what you get.

House of Marley Chant Sport product page

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