House of Marley is a company that was founded by Bob Marley’s family. It is only fitting that the company’s value directly reflects his primary beliefs. Bob Marley was a musical icon, whose unique style put reggae on the map. As a notable Rastafarian, Bob Marley valued equality, sustainability, and charity. House of Marley’s Get Up Stand Up speaker truly reflects all of Bob Marley’s value with its sustainable design and sound quality.

Sustainability is an important factor to consider when it comes to limiting our footprint on this world. The amount of waste humans generate is only increasing, so finding ways to minimize our environmental impact is imperative. My roommates and I try to be responsible inhabitants of Earth by minimizing waste and recycling, but our trash cans still fill up quickly. That’s with only three people, can you imagine the waste created by all seven billion people in the world?

Sustainability is extremely important in the tech world. Lately, it seems as though the majority of consumers are upgrading their devices every time a new phone or tablet comes out. I know people who even upgrade their laptops every year.

Tech-related waste is especially harmful to the environment because of their components. Toxic metals and non-recyclable materials find their way into off-site locations such as Ghana. E-waste is only increasing with the amount of technology we have at our disposal and it is a problem we cannot ignore anymore.


The package includes the Get Up Stand Up speaker, power cord, and remote (batteries included).

The Get Up Stand Up speaker addresses the environmental issues facing our planet by going with a sustainable design. The front of the speaker is made of FSC-certified birch wood with a walnut finish. The speaker sports two dual 4.5 inch woofers and two 1 inch tweeters.

dsc06517dsc06495-1House of Marley went with simplicity when it comes to the controls. There are only four buttons located at the top of the speaker. The small remote control allows all the same options as the physical buttons on the speaker with the addition of dedicated buttons for skipping and rewinding music.

dsc06484The back of the speaker features a recycled plastic enclosure. There is a bass port on the side to let the large woofers move air in and out allowing for a fuller sound. Red and white stereo auxiliary inputs, and a 3.5 mm auxillary input are located on the back to play music from devices that do not have Bluetooth. The addition of a USB port allows charging of various devices even while the Get Up Stand Up speaker is turned off.


The premium build of the Get Up Stand Up speaker is accompanied with high quality audio. This is due to the aptX technology which uses a unique compression algorithm to produce higher sound quality over Bluetooth.

I found this speaker to offer well-balanced and detailed sound. The highs were incredibly crisp due to the presence of the dual tweeters. The bass has a warm and full presence that doesn’t overpower the complete dynamic range. Most wireless speakers feature only one driver which tends to muddle up the highs and lows, but with four, this speaker manages to sound very clear.

dsc06511The location of the speaker also had a huge impact on how it sounded. I played Black Beatles with the speaker next to a wall and the bass sounded incredibly rich, deep and punchy. In open space, the Get Up Stand Up speaker has more of a balanced sound. Even at the lowest volume, the vocals were clear and wasn’t overpowered by the highs or lows.

Due to the well-balanced sound, this speaker is exceptional for most genres. The versatility of the speaker was evident being able to play reggae all the way to pop. John Coletrane’s saxophone sounds incredibly detailed on the Get Up Sound Up. I had to put on
Get Up Stand Up in honor of Bob Marley, and I could feel the soul emanating from the speaker. When I closed my eyes, it really felt like he was right in front of me performing the song. It was such a great auditory experience even though reggae is not the type of music I normally listen to.


The Get Up Stand Up Home audio system is not a portable speaker. There is no battery in the device so it needs to be plugged into an outlet. However, due to its heavy frame (15.6 pounds) I couldn’t imagine why you would want to move it around frequently.

The pictures of this speaker do not do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful with its rustic and wooden design. The attention to every aesthetic detail and premium wood finish looked almost too good for my apartment. It’s like seeing a classic 1955 Chevy Bel Air next to your used 1998 Honda Accord. The best part comes from the conscientious decision of using a sustainable product that will have minimal impact on the environment. You don’t have to sacrifice quality, sound, or design for the sake of the planet.

dsc06473I primarily used the speaker in the living room and connected it via stereo audio auxiliary input into my television. I previously had a sound bar connected to the television and this speaker blew it out of the water. Those people who don’t want to invest in an expensive surround sound system can opt out for this less pricier option. It was effortless to connect my phone via Bluetooth and play Spotify from the comfort of the couch.


Bob Marley’s legacy is present in the vision of House of Marley. The company reflects the values of equality, sustainability, and charity derived from the music legend. Bob Marley truly cared for the planet and it is echoed in the Get Up Stand Up Bluetooth Audio System. In an industry that produces a great deal of waste, it is refreshing to see companies like House of Marley taking an initiative on the e-waste issue.

This is a premium speaker that you can be proud to own knowing that you are actively making an impact on reducing e-waste. The Get Up Stand Up speaker is made from FSC-certified birch in the front and a recyclable plastic enclosure in the back. 

The use of multiple woofers and tweeters leads to a well-balanced sound that is versatile with any type of music. This is a speaker you want to display proudly with its rustic and wooden design that is a nice fit for any home.

The Get Up Stand Up speaker is only $329.99 on House of Marley or $294.00 on Amazon with free shipping. The speaker is an investment into a technology that will be with you for many years to come. If you eventually decide to upgrade to another device, you can be comforted knowing that this was designed to have a minimal impact on the environment.


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