We love to bring you reviews of all kinds of accessories. This week, we’ve got quite a few HTC One cases to play with, so we’ll be bringing you a few reviews every day. We’re calling this the HTC One Case Review Madness Week. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

The hits just keep coming, and today we’ll take a look at Speck’s CandyShell Grip. The Grip is essentially like the original CandyShell, but with the added comfort and support of rubberized grips on the back, hence the name.

The CandyShell Grip follows the same basic design as the CandyShell, with one major difference. Speck incorporated lines of rubberized material (the same material that comprises the inside layer of the fused hybrid case) to give users a stronger grip. This was a great touch on Speck’s part, as one of the issues that I had with the CandyShell was the lack of a strong grip.


In addition to the added rubber grooves, Speck has included another color option with the CandyShell Grip. You can get the Grip in Black/Slate, White/Black, Pool Blue/Deep Sea Blue, and Raspberry/Nimbus Grey. This gives users a nice range of colors to choose from, which is always nice.


The lines themselves are placed in a smart way, and the design is both functional and visually appealing. They’re spaced apart enough that the color of the plastic shell shows through. This gives a nice contrast, except on the Black/Slate version, where both the lines and the case are black. 

The rest of the case is fairly similar to the original CandyShell, with a two-tone design. The internal layer is rubberized silicone, which is fused with the hard plastic outer layer. That being said, because there is a small amount of extra rubber material on the back to create the grip, this case does weigh a tad more than its mostly plastic counterpart. But when it’s on the device, the difference isn’t noticeable at all.

I do have to admit that Speck improved the volume buttons a bit on the Grip. The CandyShell’s volume button covers were a bit hard to press, but the Grip fixes that with rubberized volume button covers that have more give in them. It’s a small improvement on the original, but it’s an improvement nonetheless.

While the CandyShell Grip isn’t much different from the regular CandyShell, I’m impressed with Speck’s initiative to give users more grip where they ask for it. I’d personally choose the Grip over the original CandyShell, both for the added grip and the contrast in colors. And at the same price ($34.95), where can you go wrong? So if the CandyShell Grip is more appealing than the CandyShell, you can grab one directly from Incipio.

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