Ask any tech blogger in the mobile industry and they’ll tell you that there’s a seemingly endless list of Kickstarter projects looking for funding.  It seems that not a week goes by where someone isn’t asking for you to help promote or fund their new device.  And, while most of them go unfunded and undeveloped, some of them get backed and see the light of day.  A select few are able to move beyond Kickstarter and on to bigger, better things.  Such is the case with [Fuse]Chicken and the Une Bobine.


Not only has this Kickstarter project been funded nearly twenty (20!) times over, but things are looking good for a potential retail push and/or expanded roster of accessories.  As of right now there are less than three full days left to get on board and get your hands on an Une Bobine.  What’s an Une Bobine?  Only the handiest USB charger/stand you’ll use with your Android phone.  Here, let me how you how it works.

I was able to spend some time at the [Fuse]Chicken office yesterday where I learned how the design and development process came about. The project lead, Jon Fawcett, walked me through some of the early prototypes and showed me how they worked with a number of Android devices. Trust me when I say that the Une Bobine is strong, flexible, and very practical. You can see in the picture below that the Une Bobine is able to support a Galaxy Note in landscape mode.

Thanks to the USB connectivity, this guy plugs into your standard charger plugs, laptop, car, and more. The arm is strong enough to bend and position without worry of getting lazy or slouching over time. Available in two length options (1′ or 2′), you can pick one up the micro|USB for Android, BlackBerry, and other mobile devices. Yeah, there’s also the iPhone and iPod connector, but you wouldn’t care about that, right? Oh… you know someone who owns one of those? Might as well tell them about the Une Bobine, too.

Potential uses for Une Bobine

  • Charge your phone by connecting to USB or a wall charger
  • Sync with a computer by connecting to USB
  • Hold your phone in your car
  • Place at eye level for video chat
  • Hold your phone steady for photography and videography

The Une Bobine has a number practical use cases beyond charging your phone or device. The two foot cable would be very easy to wrap around a small tree branch to hang your phone for group photos. What’s more, this would be a great companion for us bloggers who like to use our smartphones to capture videos but need an extra hand. Bendable in pretty much any direction, I’d not be surprised if you found your own reason to use one.


The Kickstarter project ends on Friday June 15 so get involved right away. Pledge whatever amount you want to help keep production swimming along, but know that $25 (or more) will score you a last one Une Bobine for yourself.  On top of that, [Fuse]Chicken will throw in a three-foot extension cable and free shipping. If or when the Une Bobine goes into retail production, you’ll not see a deal as good as this.

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