We’ve long been fans of having a portable power bank on hand in case your phone runs low on juice. It seems that no matter how big our batteries are that we find ourselves looking around for a charger every so often. It’s definitely not as bad as it was a few years back, especially with Quick Charge technology. A few minutes here and there is all we need to keep afloat.

Once in a while we find ourselves in a dire situation where a more important battery has been completely depleted. We’re talking, of course, about a car battery. Should one of those die or get drained on you, it could spell trouble. If anything, it’s an inconvenience.

The iClever 15,000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter can be used to help charge up both your phone and your car battery. Indeed, it packs enough juice to charge your typical smartphone up some 4-5 times over, but it also has a connector to hook directly up to your lawnmower, boat, or vehicle.

The iClever unit comes bundled together in a carrying pouch that zips up; elastic straps ensure none of the pieces and parts are tossed about or lost in transit. The design is convenient in that you only have to pull out what you need. Just plugging in a phone or two? Grab the main component. Gonna hook up to the car? Pull out the jumper cables and plug in!

The iClever portable charger comes with two USB ports for plugging in your various devices. The pair include Quick Charge Output: (DC 5V-2.4A; 9V-2A; 12V-1.5A) so you’re not stuck carrying around a charger for very long.

With peak current 600A(3s) or 700A(0.3s), this Car Jumper has a ablity to emergency restart your vehicle (up to 6.0L(T) petrol or 4.0L(T) diesel engine or 12V 10A lawnmower) for nearly 30 times. Especially for adventure, outdoor, daily, travel, high and low temperature (-20°c to 60°c), etc.

On the back side of the charger you’ll fine four light indicators to help understand how much battery life is available. With each representing roughly 25% of battery, you can quickly identify whether it’s time to charge the whole iClever device up.

As you’ll sometimes find with other portable power chargers, this one comes with a built-in emergency flashlight. The 100 Lumen LED light offers three different modes: standard, emergency strobe, and SOS.

One of the features we like most about some of iClever’s products is the warranty. This one is no exception in that it comes with an 18 month replacement warranty. Moreover, it has a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime support.

While iClever does have its own website, you’ll not always find its products there. Rather, sometimes you’ll have to go to outlets such as Amazon if you’d like to purchase. That’s the case with the iClever 15000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter. Currently, you can find it on Amazon for $63.99, which is shown to be down some 36%, so look for a standard retail price of around $100.

We found the kit to be convenient and practical with the entire thing being designed well. Nothing felt cheap or as if there were corners cut and as a standalone portable charger, it works great. Whereas we never had a reason to test the car jumping function, we did note the standby battery was incredible. We couldn’t imagine charging the iClever unit up more than once a quarter.

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