[dropcaps]With all the advances that we as human beings have seen in regards to technology over the years, one thing has disbelievingly not seen much change. The act of still having to charge our devices. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could buy a product, say a tablet, and it would have a battery life expiration date of, lets say three years, before we either had to get a new device or switch out the old battery. Now, I know, I speak words of a madman, but who knows, maybe in a decade or two we may reach that point. In the meantime though, we still need to keep our devices charged and iClever has a great 6-port travel wall charger that aims to assist. Does it succeed, let’s find out (Insert ominous music)[/dropcaps]


The iClever 6-port travel wall charger comes in a rectangular shape with the exception of the rounded top. It is coated in black, matte finish that will keep pesky fingerprints at bay and making holding the device a pleasure. There is very little print on the iClever 6-port travel wall charger as the only words you will find on it are the iClever logo, voltage information on the left side, and technical specifications on the bottom.


There are six USB ports that make up most of the input slots of the iClever 6-port travel wall charger on the left side, all with their specific voltage output written on the bottom in white. As a matter of fact, all the printed words and small design aesthetics of the iClever 6-port travel wall charger are in white, which go great with the black finish of the charger. Moving on to the other side of the iClever 6-port travel wall charger, you get only one port, where the cord that connects the device to the power outlet will go. Overall, the iClever 6-port travel wall charger is a very slim device with a great modern look that does not detract from its purpose, to charge your devices.


So how well does the iClever 6-port travel wall charger work? Quite well, if I do say so myself. The iClever 6-port travel wall charger comes with SmartID which iClever states will automatically determine the appropriate amp speed of your device and charge it at maximum speed. While we can’t determine if that is the case or not, we can say for certain that the iClever 6-port travel wall charger charged the devices that were hooked up to it quite quickly. I plugged the charger to the outlet next to my desk and hooked up my Droid Turbo, Acer Tablet, Pebble Steel and my Moto 360 to it and they all charged normally. I can’t really say they charged any faster than if I had used a different charger, but they definitely did not charge any slower.


[df-subtitle]Final Thoughts[/df-subtitle]

The iClever 6-port travel wall charger is a great little charger that can make a great gift to the tech aficionado or anyone else that regularly travels and needs to charge multiple devices. Heck, even if they don’t travel, with the slim profile and sleek appearance, you can just as easily place it on a desk and it would fit right in.

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