iClever Headphones

Let me start this review off by letting you know that I am not a huge fan of in-ear headphones. My ears are a little sensitive and the pressure that they create  ends up bothering me after a while. Of course, the in-ear headphone experience is much better than what it used to be. I grew up in the 90’s when the bud headphones had almost no padding and often times came with no padding. I could only listen to those type of headphones for short periods of time.

iClever Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones overview

The overall design of the headphones is simple. It consists of 3 buttons, a micro USB charging port, microphone, a left and right in-ear headphone, and a thick flat cable connecting the two. The headphones have the following features.

  • CSR Bluetooth 4.1 chipset and Apt-X technology
  • Can pair 2 devices simultaneously
  • CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology
  • 0.58oz weight
  • Battery life: up to 7h music playback / 5h conversation per full charge

The in-ear buds come with an interchangeable thin rubber tip that serves to both isolate the sound and a cushion. A little lower than the tips are rubber loops called ear locks. You slip these into the outer ear to hold it into place. The headphones come with various interchangeable tips and ear locks to find what’s comfortable with you.

There are 3 buttons on the right earpiece. A volume up, volume down, and main control button. The main control button will answer and hang up calls as well as pause your music and if held for a few seconds, it will initiate your phone’s voice controls. The volume keys will adjust the volume as well as change the song that you’re listening to, by holding down the respective button for a few seconds.

iClever Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones usage

I’ve never used a pair of headphones like this before, so I had no clue what to do with the ear locks. Unfortunately, the instructions say nothing about the ear locks, so the manual wasn’t very much help. After trying them on, it was rather apparent on how to use them. I just pushed them into the outer ear and they secured the headphones in my ears. I found them quite snug, but I feel that they put extra pressure on my ears and I couldn’t use them for extended periods of time.

About one hour was my max. This, of course is more than enough for most workouts which are what these are designed for. They also stayed in my ear better than my LG Tone headphones while performing jarring exercises. They also felt much lighter than my Tone headphones and because the batteries and electronics are all in the earpieces, there is no base unit to slap against my collar bone.

One area where they absolutely excelled was audio quality. I really wish these were more comfortable in my ears because the audio quality is amazing. The bass and treble responses are amazing for a pair of in-ear headphones. I was very impressed with how good these headphones sounded.

One thing I would have liked to see is the Bluetooth controls on the wire and not on the buds. When you want to use the main control button, you have to use your index and middle fingers to secure the earpiece while you press the main control button with your thumb. If you don’t, you’ll push the earpiece further into your ear. I found this to be rather inconvenient. When you select the volume keys is pushes the ear piece in a different direction. Again, this is a little uncomfortable and could be easily remedied by moving the controls onto the cable that connects the two earpieces.

What we liked

  • Great sound quality
  • The headphones stayed in ear pretty well
  • Very light weight

What could be better

  • Placement of the Bluetooth controls
  • Long-term comfort

iClever Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones summary

These are great headphones overall. I think if my ears were not quite so sensitive, I would have enjoyed them even more. If your ears area as sensitive as mine, then you can still enjoy the great sound reproduction, but not as long.

If you’re interested in purchasing these headphones, check them out on Amazon.

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