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iClever’s BoostRun Sweat-proof Bluetooth headphones are designed to be light, comfortable and inexpensive. Thankfully iClever accomplished these three goals while sacrificing very little. At 0.67 oz these headphones were some of the lightest I’ve ever used and the most ergonomic set I’ve ever placed on my listening organs.

Headset Overview

Upon removing the headset from the box I noticed the unique angled design and flashy green accenting cord. The iClever IC-BTH07 headphones have an adjustable connecting cord that can be tightened or loosened to fit around any neck. This cord is designed to be tangle-free and unobtrusive. On the right earpiece there is a green power/pair button and along the bottom of the same earpiece you will find the volume adjustment buttons. All three buttons were extremely easy to find during use and provided nice, clicking feedback when pressed.

Designed to be sweat-proof and ergonomic for the most intense workouts

Surprisingly the charging port is located on the left earpiece. This port is covered by a typical rubber insert that protects the port, which I had a difficult time opening when I was ready to charge. With a firm, pinching grip I was eventually able to pry the port open and reveal the micro-USB port.

Speaking of charging–the iClever IC-BTH07 headphones charge quickly and last up to 7 hours from a single charge. This is fairly standard for this type of headphone and should provide enough time for most users to work up a good sweat and then cool down with a lengthy, relaxing playlist. I appreciated the fact that the charging port was a standard micro-USB port and not some uncommon, propriety connection.

When I first saw the overall weight of the device advertised, I was worried that the headset might feel cheap or flimsy. This was alleviated when I picked up the device for the first time and felt a sturdy, yet lightweight build on each side of the headphones. Plugging them into my ears I immediately noticed that the headphones fit snugly into my ear sockets with no discomfort. I applaud iClever for their ability to pull off such an intelligent design.

Sound Quality

Sound matters to everyone–more to some and less to others, but in the end it’s not worth listening to something if it doesn’t sound quite right. This is the biggest disappointment when it comes to the iClever BoostRun headphones. While listening to music, I immediately noticed the lack of range in the drivers. Rock music and rap music were lacking severely in bass and I quickly noticed some distortion while listening to audio on YouTube. Podcasts fared better, but still lacked depth in any audio that had a low-end or semblance of bass.

Thinking that the source may be to blame initially, I paired the headphones with a couple other devices to be 100% certain. However, I found no matter the device or audio source, the quality of the sound left a lot to be desired. I listened to uncompressed audio, streaming audio and downloaded MP3 files, but all lacked in range of overall sound. It may not be a deal-breaker for everyone, but anyone that’s listened to standard headphones (wired or not), will most likely notice a “tinny and flat” sound from the get-go.

Accessories and Connectivity

iclever connectivity options
iClever’s BTH-07’s allow you to connect to almost anything with bluetooth

So, what’s in the box? Along with the headset, you’ll also receive multiple earpiece covers of varying size, a user manual, a warranty card and a standard micro-USB charging cable. All included accessories are packaged nicely within a plain brown box that fits within the budget motif. Not included in the box: a wall charging pack or a carrying case–but at this price I wasn’t expecting either.

Included accessories are minimal–which is to be expected for a budget headset

iClever has successfully created a budget friendly package that many will have a hard time passing up. But the saying “you get what you pay for” has never rung truer when evaluating the IC-BTH07 headphones.


iClever has definitely hit a great price-point with the IC-BTH07 headphones while sacrificing a bit in the audio department. Whether or not a consumer will be willing to give up on overall audio quality in order to save a few dollars remains to be seen, but for those that do pinch pennies and savor comfort over sound, the iClever BoostRun bluetooth headphones are a worthwhile option. I can recommend this headset to someone that wants sweat-proof bluetooth headphones on a budget, but for anyone else, you’d be better off spending a bit more on a higher quality headset.

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