Awhile back I reviewed one of iClever’s Bluetooth keyboards. It was nice and it was portable, but it wasn’t without its flaws. So when I had the opportunity to review  the next generation of that keyboard, I jumped at the opportunity.

iClever Ultra Slim backlit Bluetooth keyboard overview

Like its predecessor, this keyboard is made with a trifold aluminum shell, Bluetooth wireless technology, and a long-lasting battery. It even comes with a carrying pouch. However, this is where the similarities end.

iClever BT keyboard 7This next generation keyboard is full sized once it’s unfolded. It also features a red, green, and blue backlight. Plus a new wired mode comes in handy when the battery dies. But the biggest improvement would have to be the addition of little feet on the end of the keyboard. This makes it much more comfortable to type on.

iClever Ultra Slim backlit Bluetooth keyboard setup

The keyboard is fairly easy to setup. When you unfold the keyboard it will automatically turn on. All you need to do to is press the Fn button and the C button, which also features the Bluetooth icon, and search for devices from your device. The keyboard is not only compatible with Android devices but Windows and iOS devices as well.

iClever Ultra Slim backlit Bluetooth keyboard usage

Typing on this keyboard feels much better than its predecessor. I attribute this to two things. First, it’s a full sized keyboard. All you’re missing is the number pad off to the right of the keyboard. Second, the feet on the side of the keyboard add a lot of much-needed stability.

Like it’s predecessor, this keyboard’s keys are all spaced out from one another. This makes it easier to type on without fat-fingering the keys next to it. However, this new larger size also adds quite a bit of bulk.

I think my favorite feature would have to be the backlit keys. Changing the color is a little more complicated than I would have liked and there seemed to be a glitch when using the red backlight. When the red backlight was selected it seemed to time out and then randomly reboot the keyboard. This made it weird to type on while using the red color. However, when the backlight was off or I was using the blue or green colors I never ran into any problems. It wasn’t as bad when in wired mode either.

3.6 out of 5 stars

Overall this is a nice keyboard. It’s easy to type on and the backlit keyboard means that you can type in poorly lit areas without having to rely on your fingers to remember the positions of the letters. Right now it’s on sale for $54.99 at Amazon. It’s not a cheap keyboard by any means, but it’s a pretty good deal for a keyboard with these features.

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Blue and green backlights
Red backlight
Ease of use
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